Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Developments

Here are some progress pics:

The scarf was started last year in October. I never blogged about it because frankly, it's just a boring 2x2 rib scarf. Lately however, since I've been stash busting, I've decided to make this a Christmas gift for my sister. I gave her a felted bag last year. Hopefully she'll like this.

The two hats are for two friends of mine that got married last week. They've been together since high school and the both of them just turned 23 in the past 2 weeks. This Friday, I'm turning 23 years old and Saturday night we're going to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday.

Though this Saturday's occasion is really about me, I decided that I could share the spotlight and the hats were a great way to not only spread the love, but also get rid of some stash. Two birds, one stone.

Vogue Knitting

Almost two weeks ago, I received my copy of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Vogue Knitting. This issue is pretty thick in comparison to previous ones, and has many articles in there, from pieces that teach new techniques to interviews with several of the knitting industry's past and present icons.

Unfortunately, I buy knitting magazines mainly for their patterns, not for articles and techniques. If I wanted articles, I'd read a newspaper and if I wanted techniques, I'd reference a book or the internet because to wait on a quarterly magazine to talk about a skill you've been dying to learn about or try is foolish in this day and age.

The color for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver, and Vogue Knitting used that in their editorial spread for the first couple pages of this issue to showcase designs that are in yarns from icy grey to shiny silver tones. Some of these designs are actually wearable and appear interesting to knit, but the patterns are not found anywhere in the magazine. The patterns that are found are of ugly ass designs in the back. This is because currently, high fashion runways are showing off styles from the 80s, that means ill-fitting, oversized, boxy clothing. Frankly, I do not care what era I'm in, I like my clothes to fit. And I am sorry, Vogue Knitting, if I am too cheap (aka, poor) to knit a cashmere sweater 4 sizes to big for me just so I can be up with the times of excess and opulence.

To put it simply, this issue was a HUGE disappointment, in my eyes. Thankfully I do not pay for this subscription (my boyfriend got this as a Christmas present for me last year), however, once the subscription is up, unless Vogue Knitting decides to make some radical changes in their design selection, I'm not buying their publication. I hate saying that because I truly appreciate the gesture that my boyfriend made by buying me a subscription to a knitting magazine. Unfortunately, I'm not having a good time with my gift right now.

My Life

I cut and colored my hair brown this Saturday:

I love the cut, but the color I do not really see a difference in my hair. Besides all that, I'm pretty happy with the result. Now I feel more confident and sexy in my own skin. Plus this hair is absolutely perfect for my lazy hair habits. I really just wash (or wet) and go. I LOVE IT!!!

Tomorrow I have a very important job interview. I'm somewhat nervous, but I've been doing this for 3 months now, and the more I search and interview for a new job, the closer I feel to the job I really want.

That is all for now. This Wednesday I have a very important announcement to make concerning my birthday this Friday. Here's a hint: it includes yarn!


lourditax said...

i don't use to buy vogue, because my english is not very good... but like you, i think that sometimes, their patterns use materials too expensive for "lambda" knitters... rowan does it too... what a pity

Valerie said...

I'd buy the Vogue off you, if you feel like selling it -- just let me know where to paypal the $ or send the check. I was going to buy it anyway.

The haircut looks great, you look very sophisticated. Good luck with the interview!