Sunday, August 26, 2007

Michigan Fiber Festival, Part 2

As promised, pictures of my booty:

Go ahead. I won't mind if you drool!

As you can see I went a little crazy on the sock yarn. From top to bottom:

Knitting Notions handdyed lace yarn. This is the only yarn that will not become a sock. I'm making it into a lacy scarf. Maybe for me, maybe as a Christmas present. We'll see.

Some Merino-Tencel blend from some farm I forgot the name of (when I bought the skein it didn't even have a tag on it!).

Some fad yarn. Socks That Rock to be exact. I'm not one for fads but I have never knitted with this stuff before, and if I find out it is as good as people say it is, well, I may become a fanatic myself!

Perchance to Knit sock yarn. I recently found this lady's blog after she had left a comment on mine some weeks ago. I knew she dyed yarn but I never realized that she sold her handdyed creations. Absolutely beautiful, Susie ! I think once I'm done with this baby, I'll purchase some more.

Some solid colored sock yarn from Shelridge Farm. I figured I needed some solids because I would love to utilize the stichionary I have to make socks one day. Plus solid sock yarn seems to be more mature than multi-colored (as if pink and bright yellow are mature colors).

Some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in a wool and mohair blend. I see myself wearing these socks around the house, on an extra cold winter day, sipping some hot tea, listening to a podcast, and knitting away on something else.

And finally some sock yarn from the Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, Inc. I simply fell in love with the jewel like tones of the blues in this yarn. Whatever this becomes, it will be something for me!

Now that I have all this new stuff to add to my stash, the hardest part is choosing what to work with next and with what pattern to pair the yarns with!

Now excuse as I roll around in my new treasures!


Gaby said...

Kelly, cuantas lanas bonitas!!!!
Acá nunca se han hecho "Fiber Festivals" :(
Supongo que es porque la mayoría prefiere tejer acrílico, porque es más barato ...

Adrienne said...


Gaby said...

Kelly, are you in Ravelry?

Anonymous said...

Niiiiiice! I know, what to do next, with all that lovely yarn to tempt you?

Deborah said...

now i know why i knit socks!

caska said...

que fotos mas bonitas !! sobre todo la primera. Me encantan tambièn los colores de las lanas ;)