Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michigan Fiber Festival, Part 1

Today I have a long post to write but not much time to write it in. So this is going to be more pictures than words.

The BF and I woke up very early so that everything wasn't sold out by the time we got there.

There was plenty of this:

Beautiful roving. It made me think maybe I could become a spinner. That's when a man that was selling electric spinners (at $800 a pop) showed me that it was easy to do. Needless to say that is easier said than done.

Nonetheless I tried but failed many times. I didn't want to learn how to spin after that. But I did end up with this:

Remember I chopped off my hair 2 weeks ago? Well I kept my hair, thinking that it could be spun up into some yarn. And the man was right! See, I told you my hair was like wool!

Then we got to my favorite part of the show:

I was whoring around:

By the end of it, we got to the animals:

Mostly sheep and alpacas, with a couple of angora rabbits were there. Everytime I go, I fall in love with the sheep:

Then I step in a pile of shit, and realize why I do not like animals.

All and all, a wonderful day:

In part 2, I will be showing you my booty (Pirate talk for: the stash I accumulated this past weekend).


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your booty! I'd love to go to a fiber festival, but I'd have to save $$$ all year long. So are you going to knit up something with your hair?

meg said...

oh my gosh! i love all the fiber shots and the animals and you! so much to choose from, i think I'd go nuts!!!!