Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Fast Knits

No wonder this pattern is so popular:

I'm finishing this thing in lightening speed! Look I'm already working on the foot of the first sock!

Knit Picks Podcast

This past weekend I listened to all of the episodes of the Knit Picks Podcast. I have to admit that I had some reservations about the show before I even heard the first episode. This is because I figured the whole thing would be another marketing tool for Knit Picks and each show would turn into a commercial. However, it is my belief that though the idea of marketing Knit Picks may have started the process of creating a weekly podcast, the result is rather plesant. Kelley Petkun, the Owner and President of Knit Picks is the host and every week she does a book review, talks about her personal knitting, shares some exciting things that Knit Picks is doing with their monthly catalog and new lines of yarn that should be coming out this Fall as well as other personal experiences about her past and her coworker's past.

What I enjoy the most about this podcast is how obviously dorky Kelley is about her knitting. Lately she's been working on one vest for her husband and it is driving her crazy but she won't start any other projects till that one is done. And much like me, she also loves fantasizing about future projects and all the neat bags she can organize them into.

I think I like the podcast so much because Kelley is much like myself. For one, we carry similar names (however I do not have the extra "e" at the end of my name). Two, we were both history majors in college (can you believe I can actually say "I was a history major in college?). Three, she is as equally dorky about knitting as I am and does not really care what others think.

I guess the only qualm I have with this podcast is whenever the ladies talk about projects that they are working on, they seem to only use Knit Picks yarns. Frankly, I'm certain that they use other yarns, even if they get a killer discount on the stuff that they sell. However, this is a podcast for Knit Picks so I would think that talking about how great more expensive yarns are would be a bad marketing move.

Nonetheless, this podcast is great to listen to while you're drinking some iced tea on a big blanket under a big tree (or curl up on your sofa and sip on some hot tea, for you guys in Argentina and other parts of the southern hemisphere).

Friday, June 15, 2007

Band Wagon

This past week I started 3 new projects. Here are some pics:

A normal stockinette stitch sock for my boyfriend's Auntie Dee . These socks are my mindless tv knitting project and don't have to be finished anytime soon.

Some more socks, this time for my G-ma. I would like for these to be done by July 3 because that's when I'm flying out to see my family in NYC!! Very exciting, I know. Oh yeah, the pattern is very famous, BTW.

It's like 90+ degrees Farenheit in Michigan but I simply could not wait to make this scarf. It is the Here and There Cables scarf by Norah Gaughan , featured in the book Scarf Style. The pattern is great and the garment is reversable. The only problem is I'm not too sure that my scarf looks anything like the one in the book. I'm not complaining though. The Cascade 220 I'm using is pretty nice to work with and besides, I want to have a very nice grown up looking scarf for this winter. I even bought new needles for this project. Some Clover Bamboos in size 7 US. I usually buy ugly cheap needles. However, this time I decided it was time to work with nice tools so the process would be enjoyed even more.

New Knitty

So I'm sure you guys have already heard that the new Knitty is up. There are some patterns that I would love to eventually knit like Sweet Pea and Wisp , but the only pattern I really care about right now is Coachella . The garment is sexy and the pattern looks quick and easy. The only problem I have is the yarn of choice, Berroco Suede which is 100% nylon and not in my budget right now. In addition to that, when I think of summer, I want 100% cotton all the way. Is anyone else thinking of making this pattern? If so, maybe we could discuss some options for cotton substitutions for the yarn. Ideally I would love to have this baby made before the summer ends so I could wear it to this fiber festival in August. We'll have to wait and see.

That's all for now. This weekend should be hot and sunny so I'm planning on going to the beach (Lake Michigan) and work on my tan.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Second Post of Week

I did not want this week to end without showing you guys my finished Pomatomus socks:

Aren't they beautiful? The second time around was alot more enjoyable with Trekking XXL yarn. Now all I have to do is block them.

Remember the knitting group that I talked about last post? Well we met today and it was pretty cool. Only 5 ladies but that's all you need. They don't meet very often so hopefully the organizer will get to it this summer because I want to knit with them again!

A swatch and a ball of Knitpicks Essential yarn for some socks for my grandmother. Other than that, nothing special around here.

As always, Happy Knitting everyone!

Monday, June 04, 2007


The official beginning of summer in Michigan is not for another couple weeks but already I'm feeling the vibes of a lazy summer. I did not knit much this past weekend because the sun was so beautiful and the weather was so warm. Last week, however, I did have some knitty encounters. Let me explain:


On Wednesday I went to the local supermarket to pay my rent to my landlord. I bought my socks to keep me busy as I waited for him. Suddenly these 2 women walked towards me and ask me if they could examine my sock. I said, "Sure!" Turns out that they were knitters too and we exchanged e-mail addresses because they were apart of a knitting group! They asked me if I could show them how to make the socks and I said okay. So you know what this means? I now have a support group of people who are just as fanatical about knitting as I am. No more knitting alone or going to Stitches Midwest by myself (I did that last year). I'll tell you all about it when it happens.

Job Search

This is not quite as knitty but I have to tell you guys about this. When I paid my rent on Wednesday my landlord asked me what my plans were for the future. I told him I wanted to work with Spanish speakers and he told me that he knew someone that may need my skills. Thursday I made some phone calls and filled up even more applications online. Friday I dropped my resume off at the Memorial Hospital in South Bend, IN and even got a phone call from the World Headquaters of Whirlpool Corporation.

What does this have to do with knitting, you ask? Well the sooner I get a better paying job, the more money I will make. It seems to me that I am so focused on getting a new job that I'm not relaxed enough to pick up some needles and knit. However, I am positive that this trial in my life will be over soon so long as I keep at it till I get the results I want.

Saturday Night

I gifted my friend the socks she asked for way back in March. She absolutely loved them. I was glad she finally got them. She, another friend of mine, my boyfriend and I also played a card game called Dutch Blitz and watched the hockey game, in which the Ottawa Senators beat the Anaheim Ducks 5-3 (my boyfriend put me up on American Football, now I must learn about Hockey). We laughed and ate fries. It was a grand night.


Last post I got a message from Deborah, a Jamaican lady living in Michigan. She told me alot about herself but I would like to know more about her. If you are reading this, Deborah, please send me a message at my e-mail address kellyson718@yahoo.com, and tell me a bit more about who you are. Please do not forget to answer this question: If you were born in Jamaica, how did you end up in Michigan?

That's all for now. I know it's getting warmer and all you want to do is go outside and play. However, I think for the sake of knitting blogs this summer, can we all promise ourselves to make at least 2 posts per week? That way we all know that we are all still alive!