Wednesday, November 07, 2007


The set of twin sweaters are done:

Now I'm working on the sweater for my Granny:

Yeah, yeah, a bunch of stockinette. But so far, I'm liking this Bristow pattern. The yarn is Knitpicks Swish in Red Pepper. The color is more Christmas red than orangy red (as shown in the picture).

As for the other things I plan on knitting, I haven't started my mother's shawl, nor have I thought about the other things I have to do. But I have a feeling that if I keep on being monogamous with my knitting, I'll have all of the stuff I have to get done by Christmas completed, wrapped and ready to be open.

My strategy this year is making certain things for certain people, keeping the majority of the projects small, and throwing in some larger items for more special people in my life. As for the rest of them, they get store bought Bath & Body Works stuff. Which reminds me, doesn't it seem that the fall back present for women is lotion or some type of bubble bath? And even though sometimes I don't like getting 8 bottles of lotion and 6 tubs of body oil every Christmas from relatives I barely see but who feel guilty for not getting me something, in a pinch, those usually not so great scents are great for ashy knees and cracked hands at work (especially when your low on your favorite lotion and need something to hold you over till your next shopping day). What do you think?

Other News

So remember a while ago I was house hunting. Well we placed a bid for this house because it was on silent auction, and we did not win (sad I know). However, seeing that our realtor is a genius, she found another house in another neighborhood that she felt we'd be interested in. My boyfriend went past it last night and he liked what he could see, so we're going to set up a house tour. Hopefully this is the one. Buying a new home is scary but it's also a lot of fun. Kind of like a roller coaster, or sky diving (if you like that sort of thing that is).

Back to the Knits

Saturday I received the Winter 2007 Interweave Knits. I have to admit at first glance a lot of the stuff looked like things I've seen before. For example doesn't the cover jacket:

Look like the cover design in Winter 2006:

Or how about this cute but boring pattern:

And lets not forget the plain ugly garments that many knitting magazines must have in order to shock and awe (or alienate) it's audience:

However, after reading through it, and looking at the patterns again, I began to appreciate some of the designs. Sadly, there is not much in this issue that I have to knit now, or would want to knit later. And this surprises me because I usually love what IK has to offer us knitters. But in comparison to the lastest Vogue Knitting, IK is not looking so great (which I never thought could ever happen in a million years!).

That's all for now. This Bristow project will take me a while to complete, so maybe I should cheat a little and knit some smaller things so I have something to show you guys in terms of progress. But with my once a week style of posting, I don't think I'll have to.