Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing Much

I know you guys are probably annoyed that there aren't any pictures in this post. However, I promise there is much knitting getting done. It's just that work is keeping me very busy as well (which in some ways is a good things because I get to do things like, I don't know, eat and maintain my yarn habit).

I'm still working on the socks, just not as fervently as before. The project of my real interest right now is a orange sweater. I'll have pictures for you guys next week as I want to get some more work out of it before I show you my progress.

This weekend I'm off to Chicago for work purposes. It's going to be SUPER SUPER FUN!!! Not many people can say that, so I'm truly blessed.

So what are you guys doing this weekend?

Monday, July 20, 2009


It seems like the last time I was here, I spoke about a touchy subject that no one was willing to respond to. That doesn't mean that you guys did not read (you know you check your traffic stats too, LOL). That's okay. I promise today's post will be light like whipped cream and strawberries (YUM!).

Case in point, remember these socks from a few weeks ago? Well they were just too plain simple. After attempting to turn them into these, the socks proved to be too tight to even go over my foot and I was 3/4 of the way done. So I ripped it out and turned them into these socks.

The pattern is quite lovely and if I spent some more time with this project, I'd memorize the pattern after 1 or 2 more stitch repeats. I'm worried that the sock will end up too lose, but I figured if they are too big, I'll give them away to my husband's aunt up in Saskatchewan, who appreciates hand knit socks like nobody's business (don't you love people like that?).


It took me 2 weeks of ripping and knitting to figure this revelation out. I'm a product knitter, so that means it was frustrating as hell to have to rip back after hours of knitting. However, on the bright side, I learned a lot about the importance of gauge. For my whole knitting life I thought I was a loose knitter so I usually go down a size without even thinking about it. I was knitting Jaywalkers on US 0 needles (which is crazy). Turns out that I'm a tight knitter and need to go up a needle size or 2 (or just need to freakin' relax). I figured this out because I had knit a swatch for a sweater I'm going to start soon. I used the needles called for and I got 26 stitches in 4 inches. The label said I should get 24 stitches. Then I started to notice that as I knit with the needles called for, the work was stiff and did not lay nicely. It was hard to push my needles in and out of stitches, and I was using Addi Turbo's.

Long story short, I would recommend that you figure out if you're a tight or loose knitter and do it fast. It will make your knitting experience so much more enjoyable and your hands, arms, and shoulders will thank you for that. Plus your knitting will look better, and more professional looking.

Now off to work. It is Monday you know!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Sick & Tired

Like any other knitter while they're cleaning, I listen to podcasts. Stash & Burn and Lime & Violet are just two of my favorites.

And like any other knitter, I do fall behind on my weekly listening. Lately I've been catching up on Cast On and found myself very disappointed with the content lately. I love how she talks about the knitting and her travels around Wales and her relationship with Tanya and all. The only problem I have with this particular series is the doom and gloom aspects that have slyly pushed themselves in.

It seems that Brenda is watching too much news and is getting scared of the "economic downturn". It's a bunch of shit and needs to stop right now!

I guess I'm so upset because if I wanted to hear bullshit, I'd watch the news to keep my mind limited, my hopes pissed on, and my confidence turn into fear in a matter of seconds. I don't want my knitting podcast to be infused with the same crap that CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets are made out of.

I listen to podcasts about knitting to escape from the daily grind. I don't want to hear about the stock market, do not want to hear about people loosing their jobs, I don't care about people not being able to afford a "good" college education for their kids or themselves. People who have come from nothing (like Jay-Z, like Oprah, like Warren Buffet) didn't let bullshit like "economic turmoil" deter them from what they wanted. They decided they wanted to be successful and touch other people's lives and they did it. NO EXCUSES HERE!

Here's a reality check: If you're still working, if you haven't lost your home to foreclosure, if you are still buying yarn in abundance, THEN YOU PERSONALLY DO NOT HAVE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS!!! You're doing quite alright. Now, if you're in tons of debt, can't keep up with your bills, and don't know where you're going to find food to feed your kids, THEN YOU PERSONALLY DO HAVE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS!!! Either way, you're responsible for your own household, not me, not the government, not your friends or family, NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU!!!

Ultimately, I'm saying keep my knitting podcasts and bullshit news separate please. Do you think I should tell Brenda this? I mean it is her show, and she does what she pleases with it, but I figure she does seem pretty open to suggestions from her audience. Let me know, eh.