Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FO Central

So here are some pics of my finished projects:

The satchel is not sewn up yet but in my mind, it's done. The scarf is definetely done. I accidently knitted only 9 of the 10 required repeats of the pattern, and my type A personality wanted to rip the bind off and continue, but my boyfriend reassured me that the scarf looked fine and did not need anymore alteration. That's good, because I have more interesting things to knit:

I finally got the back done sunday night and I'm flying up the left side. This knit is surprisingly fast. Hopefully I'll have the two fronts done this week and start the sleeves this weekend.


del said...

The scarf & satchel look great! And the back of the sweater is beautiful; can't wait to see the rest of it.

Valerie said...

Ooh! Sweater is looking mighty exciting. What a gorgeous color choice.

meg said...

love love love it all! central park is so fun to knit isn't it? i can't believe how fast it flies.

that satchel is fab. LOVE the colors.

gray la gran said...

i spy some hoodie action! i really enjoyed making it, and i'm sure you're going to enjoy the process too.
and you're making wonderful progress on finishing some projects. i almost want to declare november as finishing month for myself, but then, i think ... why should i try to instill structure and discipline on a craft i simply enjoy?

Deborah said...

Believe it or not I've never thought about doing a matching scarf and bag, duh.... Thanks for the idea!