Friday, August 17, 2007

A Nice Birthday

The contest has come to a close and two winners have been determined.

Valerie was the closest, guessing 9:17 am.

The second closest was Trek and she guessed 12:02 am.

Congratulations ladies!

Tomorrow is the Michigan Fiber Festival and Nathan and I are attending. I have a prize for one of you guys but I have to purchase the other prize tomorrow. Therefore the prizes will not be revealed till Monday.

Thanks to everyone that participated. It was fun reading your guesses.

And just so that all of you guys know the exact time, I was born 5:38 am on August 17, 1984.

A Great Day

I'm having a wonderful day today. I'm a year older, I took a day off, and had a wonderful bath with this bath bomb stuff from Lush. They sell other beauty products if you are interested.

Then I baked some cupcakes...

Red Velvet Cake mix from Duncan Hines with vanilla frosting (Duncan Hines too).

Then I picked up my mail and got these lovely magazines:

I paid for a subscription over 2 months ago and there was a mix up in the payment that delayed the Summer issue from getting to my house. Now I got the Summer and the Fall issue.

I have to admit that the preview on the website did not make me as excited about the patterns in this issue, but I'm so glad I got a copy of the magazine because though I may not see myself wearing alot of the designs in this season's issue, everything in this issue looks beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Now I'm watching Food Network and working on this baby:

It's the Odessa hat by Grumperina. I've been wanting to make this hat for a long time and I got sick of my other projects so I figured why not cast on for this. It's going pretty quickly. I'm not rushing this one. I'm using the yarn called for (Rowan Cashsoft DK I believe) and I love the stitch definition and just the soft feel of the merino. And now that I have chopped off all of my hair, I can actually wear some of the hats I knit myself this winter.

That's all for now. I start a new job Monday and life is looking pretty positive for me right now.

Until Monday, Happy Knitting!


trek said...

Sounds like a lovely b-day.

Yay me.

meg said...

Glad you had a good b-day.

Hope the new job goes well!

Jimena said...

Hola Kelly!! Si no es que entendí mal ayer fue tu cumpleaños, no?
Que lindo el color del sombrero.
Besos desde Argentina.

Valerie said...

Woo!! I won!! I've been in training and just checked your site today, so happy BELATED birthday and hope this is a fabulous year for you. :) :)

Valerie said...

OOh, and I forgot to say, good taste in LUSH .. I love them. I got hooked on my trip to London a number of years ago.

Best of luck with the new job!

lourditax said...

that's a nice hat!!! i lost all my hat =PP so may be i'll find some time to knit it... this winter =)))