Monday, December 10, 2007


A lot of people are deathly afraid of cables. I'm not sure why seeing that cables aren't very difficult at all. They are just twisted stitches, knitting out of order if you will. This hat will not only bust some stash and give you a quick holiday knit, it will also help you get over your fear of cables. And if you love cables, well this is the hat for you. I used a hand dyed yarn from Chile that had enough varigation to keep the hat visually interesting without loosing the beauty of the cables. Of course, a solid colored yarn would work wonderfully with this pattern as well.


Size: Small adult, (Large adult); 20 inches, (22 inches) in circumference
Gauge: 22 stitches x 30 rows= 4 inches (in pattern on larger needles)

A set of Size 5 US (DPN)
A set of Size 7 US (DPN)

Yarn: 1 100 gram skein of Araucania Nature Wool Regular (100% Wool, 240 yards)

Cable needle or preferred method of making a cable without a needle (here's one)
Darning needle or crochet hook for weaving in ends


4 Stitch Right Twisting Cable

Rounds 1-5: K4, P2 for entire round.
Round 6: Slip 2 stiches on cable needle, hold them behind the work, knit next 2 stiches, K2 stitches from cable needle, P2; repeat for entire round.
Repeat these 6 rows till work is to desire length.

K4, P2 Rib

Multiple of 6 stitches
Round 1: K4, P2 for entire round
Repeat round to desired length


1. With smaller needles, cast on 90, (96) stitches.
2. Do K4, P2 Rib for 1 inch.
3. Change to larger needles and start 4 Stitch Right Twisting Cable stitch till work measures 6, (7) inches.


Larger hat only: K6, K2tog for entire round. (84 stitches remain)
Smaller hat only: K6, K2tog till last 8 stitches of round. K4, K2tog, K2tog. (77 stitches remain)

2. Knit entire round.
3. K5, K2tog for entire round. 66, (72) stiches remain.
4. Knit entire round.
5. K4, K2tog for entire round. 55, (60) stitches remain.
6. Knit entire round.
7. K3, K2tog for entire round. 44, (48) stitches remain.
8. Knit entire round.
9. K2, K2tog for entire round. 33, (36) stitches remain.
10. Knit entire round.
11. K1, K2tog for entire round. 22, (24) stitches remain.
12. Knit entire round.
13. K2tog for entire row. 11, (12) stitches remain.

Cut yarn from ball, leaving a 6 inch tail, thread yarn through last stiches of hat, pull tight, and weave in ends. Block hat for shaping and voila.


Adrienne said...

I love the way this came out!!!

Virtuous said...

Yes cables are quite deceiving. They are EASY!
Great hat!

Brisa de Amor said...

Hola Kelly!

llegue a verte a traves de Angelita!
Te felicito por tu blog y por cada tejido hecho, tus calcetines se ven estupendos asi como el gorro!


besos desde Argentina!