Monday, September 25, 2006

Turning a New Leaf

After I posted on Thursday, I realized how much of a complainer I am. I realized that doing that on the blog wouldn't be good reading for you guys on a daily basis. So I've decided to stick to what I love more than anything in the world -- Knitting.

FO's and New Book

I finally finished one side of these rainbow socks I've been working on this past week. I took a picture of them but my computer is not recognizing my camera and so just pretend you see a simple stockinette, short row heel and toe sock in Lorna's Laces Rainbow colorway.

I tell you, knitting this thing during boring/useless classes really made a difference in how quickly the sock was going to be finished. It fits like a dream.

I've also gotten a new book to read (like I need anything more to read right now!). It was written by this broad and you can buy it here if you like.

So far the book seems to be pretty funny. I still think she's a little crazy but I like the fact that I'm supporting this woman and her yarn habit by buying her books. One day, I too hope to be able to earn money just for being who I am and have people pay me for it.

Other knits

No progress on the red vogue socks yet. They require alot of attention to detail and right now I like the simplicity of stockinette. In addition to what I said about not being able to knit as much last Thursday, it is also because I have so many half way done projects that all need tending to and I only get a row or two in before it's time for bed at night. Seeing that most of them are stuff for me, I'm in no rush to finish them. Two of my many projects are gift knits, though, for this Christmas. Fortunately, a 4 day long break is coming soon at school and I plan to use it not only to catch up on homework but you guessed it, knitting!

This Weekend

In not so knitty news, I got all of my homework done yesterday! Now I don't think I did some of it correctly but the fact of the matter is that it is done. I am so proud of myself! I haven't been getting anything done lately, and finally I decided that if I discipline myself enough, I can get everything I need to get done in the time alloted to me. Besides. We all got 24 hours in a day. It's what we chose to do with those 24 hours that make the difference.

It's Fall Baby!

Before I was a knitter, I use to hate cold weather with a passion. I think it was because I probably wasn't properly dressed for the cold. I was wearing store bought acrylic crap sweaters and wondered why everything was cold. Now I'm excited it's Fall in Michigan because now I can wear the stuff I make! For those of you that hate cold weather, turning a new leaf is sometimes a good thing!

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gray la gran said...

i hope your camera/computer issues are resolved soon, because i do love pictures, especially of socks!

i am overjoyed at the prospect of wearing more of my knits. i am horribly frugal with the thermostat in the winter, so i sometimes can be found indoors wearing fingerless mitts with a hat and scarf!

it's not the sexiest look in the world, but there's no one here to impress. ;)

i also agree about the blog ... some blogs are all inclusive, but i choose to keep my non-knitty happenings and rants elsewhere (on my other blog ). i do this because when i want to look at knitting blogs, i'm not terribly interested in the non-knitty drama.

i want to sit there and be inspired and drool over the beautiful yarns and progress pictures on my monitor.

... but, that's just me.

congratulations on the progress, i'm working hard on headway as well ... and will have to take a break later to reward myself :)