Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Look At What I Got!

It’s only been about a week since I’ve last posted but it seemed like such an eternity. Life is hectic but my knitting, surprisingly, is not suffering. Look what I got in the mail yesterday:

A lovely 7 skeins of Donegal Tweed from WEBS! When I first saw this:

I knew I had to do it but after seeing the price tag on the yarn, I hesitated. Then I realized last week Sunday that I did have sufficient funds to buy this stuff so I got my ass over to WEBS and got the goods.

When I received the yarn yesterday, I was so happy with the outcome. The yarn is more rustic than baby soft but is not at all itchy like Lopi. Still, a thought came to my head that I wanted to share with you guys.

As a college knitter, I would love to be able to knit with really expensive yarns like Rowan, Debbie Bliss, and Jo Sharp on a regular basis. These yarns are kind of like Banana Republic or J Crew: nice to look at and fondle but definitely something I can’t afford right now (unless there is some crazy sale going on somewhere for them). So I stick to KnitPicks and sales at my LYS. Not to say that KnitPicks is of bad quality. To me it's like Old Navy or H & M: good enough quality for everyday use and not very expensive. Sometimes, though, you just want to wear/knit something special like Gedifra or Alchemy or Elisabeth Lavold.

My cheap attitude toward my craft has sometimes cost me time and energy, especially when it comes to my tools (needles, stitch markers, measuring tape, etc.). For example, I have a tendency to get Bamboo needles because they are not too expensive but get the job done. However they are annoying when you use a sticky yarn. I would love to own more Addi Turbos (over the two years I’ve been knitting, I’ve acquired 2) but they are so darn expensive. So I wait.

In reality, I’m more fortunate than many people out in the world who don’t have the luxury of spending their money/time on extracurricular activities like knitting. They have to work, feed their families, and pay rent. I do all those things but not with the same urgency that many other people who don’t even have time to relax do.

So when I was deciding whether to get the Donegal Tweed or not, I felt a bit guilty. Guilty because I felt as if I was being extravagant and was wasting my money. Now, I justify my act by saying that I waited 2 whole months before I bought the stuff. I really want that sweater and knitting it will be a whole lot of fun. I guess in the end, one should not feel guilty for buying stuff that they feel is too expensive if they have the money to buy it. It’s good to save money and buy from here or here but it’s okay to buy from here and here once in awhile so that life (and your knitting) does not get boring.


meg said...

Kelly! I am dying to make this. Have you seen Rachels over here -http://www.yarnagogo.com/blog/? Scroll way down and have a peek. Ever since I saw hers I knew I had to have it. I'm just trying to find an alternative yarn because all that wool in Texas would mean little wear. I adore the green so much.

I think it's great you made the decision to get the good stuff. We all deserve something extravagant every once in a while. You'll have to let me know how it's going once you start. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a wool blend.

gray la gran said...

i hesitated one day, at the $14 sticker price on a 100gr ball of meilenweit sock yarn. but then, i thought ... they'd take me at least 14 hours to knit, and at that rate, $1/hr for fun & pleasure is cheap! by the way, i do realize i have a very valuable sock collection.
the hoodie is going to be super cute and cozy! i think that was one of the only things i liked from that particular issue ... now i have to follow the link from the previous poster and admired a finished one :)

Nik said...

If you could have any size addi turbos, what size would you prefer?

Saun said...

That sweater is so nice and classic that you will wear it for years to come. The price of that yarn is definitely a good investment. And it's not like you spend that much all the time. You need to splurge every once in a while.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the support on my spending habits when it comes to knitting guys. To answer you question Nik, I'm not sure if I could really pick an exact size. I know I don't have a size 4 US in any of my needles so if I had to choose at this moment, it would be that size.

Valerie said...

I can totally understand the tugs of both budget and quality. I'm glad you got yourself the Donegal Tweed though -- it's gorgeous yarn and you picked a gorgeous, classic pattern to make a sweater you'll enjoy for years. Can't wait to see you make it!

Carol said...

Great pattern!

Here's an insight from my LYS owner: When you think about the cost of knitting supplies, factor them in as part of your "entertainment" budget. Instead of going to see a couple of movies, or having drinks at a bar, or a fancy dinner out, you are putting your entertainment dollar into yarn. You will get many hours of pleasure working with it, and always have a beautiful sweater to show for it. Much better than a crappy movie or (worse) a happy-hour hangover.

gray la gran said...

oh, i caved in!
i am knitting the hoodie :) i just happened to have some donegal tweed in my stash ... in a shade of reddish-something ....
i have knitted part of both fronts ... i need to pin them out to see where i need to begin the armhole shaping, and i've knitted part of the back.
i had an absolute knitting marathon today! i went to a girlfriend's for brunch. brunch turned into snacks and then dinner. TWELVE hours later i had to run home to bed. so, yes, i had some serious hoodie-knitting time! i want to get this baby knitted before rhinebeck!
and let me tell you this ... i have a girlfriend, irene, that knitted her husband a sweater from this same yarn about 10 years ago, which she showed to me. it still looks brandnew! he wears it every winter, it's been worn and wash, many many times, and it doesn't have a single pill on it!
we'll have these sweaters for a long time ....


del said...

I can only be glad that I didn't knit when I was a poor college student, or else I would've been even poorer! Now, even though I have a job, I also have kids, so I don't always get to buy expensive stuff. Sales are GREAT to me & even if I ever get to the point where money is not an object, I don't think I'd want to buy Debbie Bliss & Rowan all the time. KP has some very nice yarn at affordable prices (like Andean Silk). Addi's are nice, but I love my bamboo as well, just for the tactile pleasure I get from it.