Monday, September 11, 2006

A Familiar Feeling

Sunday was a cold and miserable day in Michigan. The sky was dark and dreary and for the first time in months my boyfriend had to put on the heat in his apartment. It became so cold that I had to slip these on my feet:

This is my first pair of real socks that I knitted for myself last winter. The yarn is from KnitPicks (which I think is discontinued last time I checked the website) and knitting these was so much fun. I was trying to knit some Jaywalkers (no need to link; I think you guys have seen enough of them) but I wasn't getting the right gauge. So I found this one sock pattern at this website that appeared like the stitch pattern of the Jaywalker socks and I casted on. It took me a week to finish the pair. I was so happy to try on the socks and they fitted perfectly.

Today when I placed the socks on my feet again, all the familiar memories of warmth on my feet in the coldest of temperatures that Michigan had to offer, having my friends envy my handiwork, and the comfort of hand knit socks came flooding back in my brain. It was a good feeling. Putting on those socks was like taking a relaxing bath with candles and nice bubble bath, like sipping on a cup of hot chocolate on a quiet afternoon or enjoying a candlelight dinner at a fine restaurant. It was soothing and beautiful.

Does that ever happen to you? Do the memories of things you've knitted come back to you whenever you put them on? Are they good memories? I hope so because whatever I knit for myself that I don't like ends up being a gift for someone else to enjoy.

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gray la gran said...

oh, those are some pretty socks! i always seem to be on some kind of sock kick, as socks are portable and low commitment. i tried the jaywalkers, but the fabric is just not very stretchy, and i don't like it when it does stretch, but looks stressed or distorted. i will have to follow the link for your chevron socks :)
knitting memories? socks memories? yes ... i have those. i remember, about 10 years ago, knitting on one of my first pairs of socks on the back steps of my future ex's apt. it was such a nice day, to sit outside and soak up the sun. he has come and gone, that particular yarn has come and gone, but i still have my lovely socks. that was back in the day when all my socks were on size 2's with 56 stitches. now, i have an entire needle case devoted to sock needles, including the inbetween sizes such as US 1 1/2 and US 2 1/2.
the socks i'm working on right now are the pippi kneestockings from deb stoller's _stitch'n bitch_. i am using the yarn called for in the pattern, and like it very much. it's not all soft and glamorous, but has a nice rustic feel to it, and i'm knitting it on 3's ! so, it's been a fairly quick knit. and the best thing? ... they fit!
i had not caught up on reading of your blog lately. i feel i must devote some quality time for reading your words, as i'm sure you're going to challenge me with something new to contemplate :)
i don't want to just skim through and look at the pictures, when i can read all the good stuff about student life. even if you didn't have any knitting content, i would still like to know how your balancing act of school is going. i find it very interesting because i haven't been a student in 14 years!
now, if you want to see a good rant about the new knitty and suss, go and read here!

take care, and have a good weekend!