Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Time

Yeah so it's only the 3rd day of school and I'm already stressed. Mostly it's anxiety over failing all of my classes this semester. I have this one history class that all I have to do is write a 20-page research paper. Easy right? Not when you are only allowed to use Primary sources (diaries, journals, government documents, statistics from the era you're studying, etc.) I've never done anything like this before and I am so scared I'm going to fail. The teacher said that we were going to have to give in 3 rough drafts before we even turn in the final draft. Thankfully this is the only course this semester that I see lowering my GPA. And I was hoping to get Magna Cum Laude (did I spell that right, oh well no time!)

On the knitting front I've hadn't had much time to work on the yellow and gray stripped messenger bag but I have been walking around with my socks to knit during non-important classes. I tried on the sock Sunday morning and realized that it was too small for my feet. I had only about 3 1/2 inches of work so I ripped it out and decided to jump into this new technique I've never tried before.

I love the results. I would post a picture but it is at my apartment and I'm at my boyfriend's house writing this. But I have to tell you that there is some kind of wonder doing a short row toe. When I was done with it (after the 3rd try) I was hooked on toe up socks. I think if the sock goes well I will be exclusively doing toe up socks from then on. The coolest thing I noticed about the short row tow is that it is the same exact thing as the short row heel; it's just that one is knitted in a different direction than the other.

I'll post again on Friday when I have all but 1 class in the morning and work in the afternoon.


Saun said...

I think you can handle the history class just fine. You just can't procrastinate on this type of class. Get started early and plan out what you want to do. I think the point of this class is to test your historian skills. Looking things up on the internet is easy. The point is to get you to find first hand accounts on your subject. Just start looking for libraries and historical societies that can send you copies of the work you need.

As for the short row heels, I love them. I've never made a heel flap and never intend to. Short rows rule!

Gaby said...

Hi Kelly,
I have read your nice comments about Buenos Aires and the "Yarn heaven" :)
Twenty years ago, when I was 20, only older women and I :) buying in the Yarn disctrict; there are no young women. Now, like you wrote, there are people of all ages
There is no cashmere there; I think because is very expensive for us; and neither sock yarn. I know that "Yanabey" yarn store ( sells by Internet.

Regards from Buenos Aires