Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fresh as a Daisy

So the smell that I've had in my apartment for the past 2 weeks is almost gone. Let me explain.

The tenants above me use to burn incense constantly, as in you go to bed you smell incense and then you wake up and your whole body reeks of the smoke from it. When I moved in I thought it was a once in awhile thing. Then when my boyfriend started to comment about how awful I smelt, I decided that my neighbors habit of continually burning incense was a problem that I didn’t want to deal with.

So the first thing I did was move back into my boyfriend's apartment. I removed all the important stuff that I knew would have been negatively affected by the smoke of the incense (i.e. the yarn) and packed a few things to wear while I was away. I complained to my landlord about the situation and to make a long story short he sent them a letter forbidding them to burn incense because I told him it made me sick. The smoke would give me headaches and caused much difficulty in breathing. The amazing thing is that I don’t even have asthma!

Today I went over to my apartment and found great improvement in the smell. I was very excited and started cleaning it more. I found out that Baking Soda on a carpet is an excellent way to get rid of smoke odors, so I spent the $2.50 on a big ol’ box and dumped the whole thing all over my floor. I plan on returning in a few days to vacuum up the baking soda and start my life over again in my new and improved apartment.

This brings me to a question that I would like to ask you people. What kind of smells do you like? Floral? Woody? Fruity? None? Stink or sweet personally I can’t stand strong odors. I don’t put on perfume but once or twice a year. I find that it is less attractive to smell a person before you actually see that person. I’m more of a soap and lotion kind of gal. A clean, fresh scent that doesn’t overpower the other scents around you does it for me. I’m not saying that everyone should refrain from using perfume or colognes to freshen but as for me and my house, the basics are all I’m using in my daily morning routine.


del said...

Yikes, I can only imagine how hard it must've been to put up with that! It's good that your landlord was willing to step in.

I like floral scents, but it has to be light. When I wear perfume, it's 1 spritz between the wrists & that's it. I'd hate to think my smell overwhelmed anybody!

Saun said...

I'm glad your landlord put an end to the problem. Any form of smoke can affect you even if you don't have asthma.

As for the scents, I used to be a big Bath & Body Works/VSC fan but over time the constantly loud smells got to me. Now I can only tolerate light natural smells. Vanilla, peaches, and mango are my favs. I use the body oils from Body Shop. In my house I only have two Henri Bendel candles from White Barn Candle Co. Most air fresheners are to strong and fake smelling for me.

gray la gran said...

my absolute favorite scent in the world is fresh cut grass ! yes, it's a scent to not spritz on the body, and does make some wheeze, and if i sit in fresh cut grass, my legs look as if i've been slashed all over with a mini-blade. i love earthy aromas. i love the smell of mulch, or decay in the woods.
but, for the body, i love the smell of cleanliness. ... and an optional spritz of my favorite perfume that i can't even remember the name of ... blue bottle, davidoff something or other.

gray la gran said...

oh, and i love the smell of a campfire :)