Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Neon Lights

So my blog is being featured as the "Blog of the Week" by the prestigious online publication called Black Purl Magazine. It not only features free knitting and crochet patterns but it also has essays written by other people who have knitting blogs. This magazine is perfect for the knitter who is also interested in cultural diversity, travel, and exploration. Go check out this website that is edited by L' Tanya.

Sad Knitter
Lately I've been feeling like I haven't been accomplishing anything with my knitting. I only have 2 projects on the needles but there are so many I want to start its ridiculous. It's just a matter of sitting down one weekend and making a whole bunch of swatches to prepare for future projects. Then there's the Christmas knitting I want to do for my family. I'm working on small items this year. A scarf for my sister, gloves for my mother, socks for my father. I'm using a lot of the patterns I found in this book.

As for the shrug, I'm still going to work on it but I doubt that I will care to actually finish it in time for this weekend. Besides, I have a couple other hand knit garments I could wear. The only reason I will continue with this piece is because I want to see if I could actually write a pattern that works. I like pattern writing and I believe that the only way to getting better at is practice. I'll keep you guys posted.

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