Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So this past weekend was the most relaxing I've ever had in a long time. Saturday as you all know I went to Stitches Midwest. Sorry but I wasn't able to take any pictures (a big sign in the front prohibited patrons of the market to do so or they would have been immediately escorted out of the building). Nonetheless I had a great time. Here's what happened:


For the whole week before I was to travel to Rosemont, IL where the event was held, I could not sleep. I felt like a child going to Disney World. When I finally arrived to the market last Saturday, I really was a kid in Disney World! I got several materials from the staff including a bag to hold my purchases and a pamphlet stating the schedule of events for the weekend, a list of vendors and their exact locations on the floor. I decided to walk around the whole area to get a feel of what everything was like. The space used wasn't as huge as some other conventions I've been to before but the amount of yarn per sq ft in that area was more than I've ever seen. Most of the yarns sold were main stream ones (Koigu, Debbie Bliss, Cascade 220), some were trendy yarns (Socks that Rock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Great Adirondack Yarn Co) while others were from unknown farms around the Midwest trying to get a piece of the market.

I shopped and shopped monitoring my funds with every purchase. Here's what I got:

These balls will become this pair of socks one day.

Vogue and Knit Scene Magazines. I got the Knit Scene for the Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky and the Vogue because it’s Vogue.

Two bottles of Eucalan Wool Wash and Malabrigo in Geranio. I’m using the Malabrigo to make a matching scarf for a hat I made while in Brazil this past May.

Going from left to right, the cream alpaca from Peru will be a glove and scarf set for my mother. The cashmere was too steep for my budget plus the alpaca was too soft and beautiful to pass up. The sock yarn is Trekking XXL. These will be socks for me. The gray yarn is Cascade 220, which will be apart of a felted messenger bag that I’m making for my little sister.

After all the shopping, I went to the eating area, which was behind another area filled with chairs and a stage for presentations that were held throughout the day. I sat down and started knitting away at my Wavy scarf. I got many compliments on it as well as my cotton top. I wasn’t the only one wearing something that she/he made. I met several knitters, most of them older than me, that had intricate shawls and practical felted purses while the younger set had on shrugs and belts with pockets large enough to use as a purse.

At around 4 pm CST I realized that I hadn't eaten since 8 am EST that day and decided to get some food from inside (because I didn't want to leave the yarn). However after seeing that 1 slice of pizza cost $4.50 and a sloppy joe cost $5, I promptly left the building looking for more reasonably priced food. As I ate, I read Vogue Knitting Magazine and thought to myself, "Wow not only are the patterns beautiful but the articles are pretty good too!" I think I might sign up for a subscription, who knows.

What was so great about Saturday was that I was in the midst of diversity on all levels in Rosemont. The people were friendly, the vendors were warm and funny and the atmosphere was just heavenly. I thought to myself, “If I’m still in Michigan around this time next year, I got to come back for the classes!”


Sunday I decided that it was going to be a day of swatching and starting new things. Here's what I did:

Everything here is sock yarn for me (Fall is not too far away you know). Going from left to right from the top, the very red yarn is something I bought back in January. I have since lost the label and now do not know who is the manufacturer. I do know it’s superwash and hand dyed. The rainbow yarn is some Lorna’s Laces, the red fading into green yarn is Trekking XXL and the yellow yarn is Primo by Filatura di Crosa.

All and all a wonderful weekend. This coming weekend should be wonderful too seeing that I will be attending another fiber festival with my boyfriend this time (I was alone at Stitches Midwest because he was visiting his family in Canada last weekend). This one should be even more fun as there will be more unknown natural yarns to play with. Also my boyfriend is treating me for my 22nd birthday, which is always good!

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gray la gran said...

that does sound like a very relaxing fiber filled weekend! :)
too bad XRX doesn't allow photography at the market. i don't understand why, but i'm sure that's a controversy somewhere on the web.
those over the knee socks are going to be kick a** !
i'm looking forward to my next fiber filled weekend ... i'm taking the train up to NY for rhinebeck :) in october!