Monday, August 21, 2006

Happily Relaxed

So I had another great weekend with fiber this time with my boyfriend. We headed up to Allegan, MI for the Michigan Fiber Festival. We didn't take any pictures but we did get a lot of stuff. I'll show those pictures tomorrow. Afterward we went out to eat for my birthday. On Sunday we went to the mall and walked around doing nothing all day. It was great! I'm still not in "during the week/stressed out" mode this morning because the weekend was so stress-less. I'm lovin' it!

This past weekend just reminded me of how stressful a life we Americans live. We’re not stressed over bombs dropping on our homes but some are stressed over terrorist attacks in their neighborhoods. We’re not stressed over Tsunamis happening in our backyards but we do worry too much over other natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina happening again. These fears are very real and can lead us to live on the edge. But being stressed all the time can really hurt you and not just emotionally or mentally but physically too!

There are many diseases (anxiety, depression) and common day ailments like heart burn, chest pains, high blood pressure, weight loss/gain, tension headaches even hair loss that have something to do with stress (read more about stress here). That’s why I think it is appropriate to suggest to everyone that when life gets stressful, just take a few minutes to breath calmly. Sometimes even your knitting can stress you out so I say put it down for a moment and do something else that relaxes you. This could be cooking, reading, doing complex math or watching junk food TV (you know the type, VH1, reality shows, stuff that's completely useless). Whatever it is that helps you relax more often, DO IT . Your entire body’s health is at risk if you don’t!

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Lavender said...

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Well said about Koigu. I've always thought their yarn was harsh to the touch and never really saw the appeal of their yarns.