Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time Warp

So this is what has been taken up much of my time lately:

Looks like a weird science project, eh? Actually, I've been growing zucchini seeds in them for 4 weeks. And FYI, there is absolutely no dirt in the container. Just SumiBalls. These seedlings were actually ready to be planted by week 2 but I've been carrying them around town showing people how cool this stuff really is. Check out the blog to learn more about these SumiBalls.


In addition to cool science projects, I've also been casting on. I started these socks back in May. Look at them now:

The yarn is Indigo Moon and you can get it (where else) at the Loopy Ewe. The pattern is Paraphernalia (rav link) and I got the yarn during our travels to a magical land called Lanigan back in May of this year. It's in Saskatchewan (that's in Canada if you weren't paying attention in geography class back in high school) and the landscape reminds me of all the other boring plains states like the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, etc.

It was so much fun being up there with 4 dogs, 1 cat, several different humans, lots of alcohol, and of course knitting. It was my husband's family reunion so we had a good time. The yarn is super cool to work with and is from British Columbia, Canada. That's why I got it. I know, I know. I told you a few post ago that I didn't need any more yarn. But vacation yarn doesn't count! Besides, people always buy t-shirts that say "I went to __________ and all I got was this stupid t-shirt" even though they don't need any more clothes. And who of you out there need another shot glass that shows famous landscapes and iconic structures of whatever city you are visiting? I didn't think so.

I can't take the Empire State Building home with me, but I sure can go to Purl in Soho and pick up some cashmere. Now THAT'S my type of souvenir.


Angelita said...

tiene buena pinta esos almacigos de calabacines, imagino que ya despues de enseñarlos a todlos los plantaste???

Los calcetines estan quedando hermosos!!! me gusta tanto el diseño como el color, se nota que aprovechas bien los viajes buscando lanas para aumentar tu alijo :D.. y tienes razon que mejor recuerdo que los calcetines en vez de las tipicas camisetas que todos llevan....


Valerie said...

WOW look at those gorgeous socks. Yum. They look like summer berry pie!

The zucchini seedlings are darling in their unusual substrate. Will have to check into that stuff.

Deidre C. said...

I agree whole heartily about coming back with yarn. That's something you'll really remember about your trip. I started doing that a couple of years ago and it's so much more useful and fun than a dumb knick knack from the place you visited.