Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Lately, I've been longing for simplicity. Simplicity in my career, in my marriage, and in the way that I relate to my loved ones. So quite naturally I've also been longing for simplicity in my knitting. Unfortunately, whenever I actually start to do the knitting, I find myself changing my mind for more complication, with the excuse that it will be boring if I just do plain old stockinette. The only problem with this is that it's not great for TV knitting or waiting on lines or for helping me pass time.

Do you ever struggle with this? You definitely want your knitting to be interesting, but you do need something to occupy your hands as you are occupied talking on the phone or doing a long distance drive. I mean stockinette is great for long car rides over night, because you can't see anyway, and if you can't sleep, you can do a couple simple rows before you drop your head again.

The simple solution is to have a few complicated projects and a few simple projects on the go at all times. The problem that I tend to run into is I always have grand plans for my knitting (don't we all) and I really want every project to be spectacular. But at the end of the day, whenever non-knitters compliment me on my work, they don't know the difference between intarsia and cables. They just say, "Wow! That's so cool you can make socks! I can't see myself doing that!" (don't you hate when people say that they can't learn how to knit for whatever excuse. You learned how to brush your teeth, certainly you can learn how to knit).

So in honor of my new found need for simplicity, I started these Sunday night:

I love the bright colors of Perchance to Knit by Susie. This yarn actually was gifted to me by her a little over a year ago when she was doing a destash sale on her blog and I opted to take some yarn off of her hands. I thought I was getting a sweaters worth of yarn and enough sock yarn to make a pair of socks, but when I got the package, she through this lovely skein in as well.

I have to admit that as a skein the colors looked really garish, like something I would have loved in the 5th grade but not as an adult. But as I'm knitting this up, it makes me so happy! The colors are stripping really well and I can see myself pulling these socks out on cold winter days when I need a little pick me up. I'm looking forward to this being done in a few short weeks.


Nik said...

Get OUTTA my head *lol*

I am working on socks now. I wanted my socks to be absolutely amazing, but then again, I just wanted to KNIT...to have my hands moving and making stuff without having to think. I am now working on a pair of garter rib socks. Not as "vanilla" as stockinette...but still allows me to knit without having to carry the pattern around with me. working on them makes me happy.

Valerie said...

Totally know how ya feel!

Loving these socks of yours. So CHEERFUL as well as simple -- good combination.