Friday, June 26, 2009


I love taking pictures. It's easier to take really good ones when you have a good camera. One thing that makes me stay reading a blog is to check out the fantastic pictures. Now I'm not saying that I'm going to quit what I'm doing to become a professional picture taker (I'll leave that to the experts). What I am saying is that taking really good pictures are as satisfying as finishing a knitting project. Luckily, I have both here for you.

This is a cowl that I started and finished in 1 week. The yarn is Creatively Dyed Yarns and I got it at Stitches Midwest last year. I was going to make socks out of it but decided that the fabric was too stiff. I found this pattern on Ravelry. It's called A Nobel Cowl and it's super pretty.

Clearly it's huge and cannot be used till fall. I have never really worn cowls before but it makes sense when you just want your neck to be warm. Plus it doesn't take as long to make as a scarf and they don't get boring either. Dare I say it, cowls are a great holiday present and they bust stash like crazy.

But what I really think that's super great about cowls is how they make me feel so cozy and warm. Like when it's a super cold day outside, billows of snow and hail falling from the sky, and you have a cup of hot chocolate or tea, some great easy knitting, and some football or your favorite movie on the TV. Yeah. That's how a cowl makes me feel!

But back to my original point about pictures. Even though content is very important to a good blog, excellent photography just makes the story pop. I mean, a big factor on whether I buy a knitting book or not is if the photography looks great. Even if it's plain seed stitch, nice pictures make anything look spectacular. What's your opinion on this matter? Does good photography really matter to you?


Angelita said...

Primero que nada, el cuello te quedo genial y la lana es realmente hermosa, me gusto mucho la tonalidades de los colores...
con respecto al tema de las fotos... a mi tambien me encanta sacar fotos y montones cuando dispongo de tiempo, al igual que tu creo que si las fotos son buenas una se engancha leyendo los blogs.. pueden llamar más la atencion que el texto.. yo reconozco que algunas de las que tomo son buenas y otras no... en fin una buena foto hace que el proyecto más sencillo luzca como una maravilla y llame mucho más la atencion...
no se si quedo clara mi idea pero bueno...
Cariños miles y siii... me gustaron tus fotos!!!

Kelly said...

Estoy de acuerdo contigo Angelita. Y no te preocupes. Te entendi muy bien!

Virtuous said...

The cowl is so pretty! Perfect colors with a great pattern!! Luvs it!

And I feel the same way...great pictures really matter (make/break) a blog.

What really bug me is some bloggers who seem to not even "try" at getting a DECENT pic of their FOs/ goodnes sometimes just using a regular POS with some good lighting does the trick! *rolls eyes*

But I never would have thought that in starting to blog I would become an writer, editor, photographer, and model all at one time!!!! ;op I have thought about taking a cheap photography class just because in learning to work/handle my camera better. I do plan to upgrade my POS but not to anything major...b/c lets get perfectly real here...I just bought my digi cam 2 years ago ONLY for the sole purpose to take pics of my knitting ;op
Of course it has evolved some since then but the primary use is still just for that ;o)