Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Back!

Okay, I've been back in Michigan since Monday afternoon. New York was fabulous! Most of my time was spent with my family, though, so I was not able to visit any yarn stores. However, looking at my bank account these past couple days, I was glad I did not have the chance to go.


I've been knitting, mostly on the shawl and not seeing much progress on any of my other projects. I think it is because it takes me a long time to actually get to knitting these days. I'm still job hunting so I'm busy calling people, mailing resumes, and working on the computer. Then I can't leave my house dirty, so that has to get cleaned. Before I know it, I have to go to work (I work the second shift, 3pm-11pm). Then I always say, "Well I have this whole weekend to knit." But then you know how it goes. Your weekend is always filled with things that you could not do during the week. Groceries, laundry, house cleaning, catching up on sleep; all eating away at my knitting time.

The reason why I said this is because as a blogger who loves to knit, I sometimes feel pressured to sit and knit for a couple hours just so that I have something to show you guys the next day. Because lets face it, after awhile, a knitting blog gets dull if the author does not show some sort of progress in his/her projects.

Now, don't get me wrong. Much like you guys, I knit because I like it and I do not feel obligated to knit things I do not like or knit on things that I do not have passion for simply because I need some material for my blog. All I'm saying is that surfing the blogosphere can really inspire a knitter to challenge their knitting skills, or sadden a knitter because he/she is not producing as much FO's as other knit bloggers are doing.

So I ask you, do you sometimes feel pressured to knit just so you have something to say on your blog? Let me know!


del said...

Oh my YES, and I had to get over it! That's why I shut down my blog a couple of months ago because it didn't even feel fun anymore. Sometimes I didn't feel like knitting at all but did it 'cause of the blog. It sounds sick. Anyway, because I got a job writing about knitting that required me to upkeep a personal blog, that's the only reason I reopened my own blog. However, my attitude has changed...if I don't feel like knitting, I don't. If that means I don't blog for a couple of weeks, then I don't. It's supposed to be fun, not high pressure.

meg said...

Glad to hear you got back safely and had a great time on your trip. Sounds like it was fun!

Hmm, you know, I used to pressure myself but not anymore. My life is so insanely busy right now so I see knitting as a relief and chance to relax. I haven't blogged in almost a month and am even considering shutting down and using Ravelry as my knitting community. Who knows, that may change.

Susie said...

Nope. Sometimes I just free-associate and let commenters and email friends figure out for me what it was I said. Other times, it's that 'picture worth...yadda, yadda'.

My blog has a lot of stuff on it. Knitting isn't as much as I'd like it to be, but then, there's life. Don't feel pressured. I enjoy your blog regardless of knit or not.

gray la gran said...

i do not feel pressure.
i knit. i knit a lot. i want to knit more. lots more.
and the blog ... it's the fallout of my progress .....
i love to share, and i embrace feedback. the hard part is not knitting to have something to post, but to stop knitting long enough to post something.
that's all it is.
i'm going to the domenican (sp?) republic after thanksgiving ... have you been there? can you offer any travel tips for there?