Saturday, July 07, 2007

Big Bird and Big Yellow Yarn

I'm having such a great time with my family in NYC. Today my twin nephews, my sisters, and my mother went to Sesame Place to have some fun in the water. We had such a blast just hangin out with my twin nephews, and getting to reminisce about the time my sister and I spent at Sesame Place as kids. Though I would love to place a picture of my nephews up here, I hear that doing that could place them in danger, so to be safe, you guys would have to settle for words.

So what does Big Bird have to do with Big Yarn? Everything:

A big yellow bird...

Some big yellow yarn.

I bought this stuff last week after a job interview that did not go down too well. I was planning on making a simple seed stitch scarf for this winter out of it. I know it's pretty bright for winter, but I think winter is already a sad time of year and a bright scarf would definitely brighten anyone's day. However, my boyfriend saw it and asked me if he could make it for me. He told me though that he had a very different design idea from mine. We'll have to wait and see what he comes up with. Additionally, although I would love to knit something quick (that is a scarf in a day quick), that's one less thing I have to knit.

I hope this Eye Candy brightens your weekend! Happy knitting!


My grandmother loved the socks! She told me I should consider selling my work, which I take as a big compliment from a women who is the queen of everything domestic.


del said...

I love bright yarn & how nice of BF to knit it up for you! I wish.

Maddie said...

woah woah woah! you're b/f knits too??? that's amazing. my boyfriend doesn't want to stop working on his car long enough to learn how to knit.

noblinknits said...

You and your gran are both right. Having a lovely bright scarf in winter is a great idea and those socks do look good enough to sell.