Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yesterday I was reminded by this man:

my boyfriend that Friday the 13th was my blogaversary. Needless to say that I had completely forgotten all about it. I must say that it has been wonderful this past year writing and sharing my life and knitting with you guys. To commemorate the occasion, Nathan gave me a card as well as this:

A lovely camera so that I do not have to bother him for his. Isn't he sweet? I've been wanting a camera of my own lately but I could not find the money to purchase one right now. I did not even tell him I wanted a camera but he just knew that I needed one. That's a good boyfriend!


The big yellow scarf was started and completed yesterday. No my wonderful boyfriend did not knit this up for me as planned.

Here's the story. My boyfriend and I were discussing how I wanted my scarf to look. I wanted a Banana Republic look, that is something lucious, thick, and warm with a simple stitch that they would charge $60 for but because I'm a knitter, I would look at it and totally say, "I could make that for a third of the price," and then actually do it. That's what Nik did.

Anyway, so my boyfriend had somehthing else in mind, something that he tried to explain to me but I did not understand. And seeing that I was determined to get a certain look, I told him forget about it.

So who in their right mind would wear a whale's worth of yarn in hot ass July (well, for you and you it's not crazy at all seeing that this time is very cold)? Me of course! I wanted to show you guys the capabilities of my camera.

Some random pics with the camera.

That's all for now. Happy Knitting Guys!


Nik said...

Lord knows I love my canon. It takes beautiful pictures and has amazing macro capabilities.

I am really impressed with the boyfriend buying you a gift for you BLOGAVERSARY. Geesh, I can only imagine the wonderful gifts you must receive on real special occasions. My snookums has to really step up his game.

del said...

What a great gift! And the scarf is absolutely beautiful. What stitch pattern is that?