Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blast From the Past

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, MI. It wasn't voluntary. I needed some credit for this class that I'm taking about the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Here are some pics:

It was not too bad. I actually enjoyed some of it, but after 2 hours, and only seeing the welcome center and the home of Ellen G. White, we were starving and it was that time to go. So we headed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some DPNs (no pic) because the last set kept on breaking, and then we headed over to this Chinese buffet restaurant.

Just to go off topic, have any of you guys noticed that no matter what "ChinaMan" buffet you go to, wheter it's in Florida or Michigan, Maryland, or Mississippi, they all look somewhat similiar? I mean many of them have the same set up, some even have the same furniture, and of course the majority of them have the exact same food items for sale. I figured that maybe there is some kind of Chinese mafia that helps the people that work there get green cards so that they can enter the US and start making money. The only requirement that the mafia places on them is that they start up a restaurant that looks just as how the mafia says, That's just my imagination speaking. Seeing that China is a communist country, not many people are leaving (I don't think) and so maybe the people at alot of Chinese buffets could be Korean, or Japaneese. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Man that last paragraph sounded so ignorant. In my attempt to not offend, I think I might of offended readers of this blog of those particular backgrounds. I'm just trying to show you guys my thoughts, no hard feelings?


Now for the real reason why you are here:

My boyfriend is so talented, isn't he? He designed the intarsia motif himself and it was his first time doing this type of technique! Even though we're both knitters, he doesn't do as much pre-planning as I do. I got to make a swatch, wash it, let it dry, check the gauge, find a pattern I like or draw up one of my own then find a stitch pattern I like (yeah, reading this sentence alone gets you tired). My boyfriend, on the other hand, never makes a swatch and if he has to rip it out, he does, no cursing or tears involved. My type A personality when it comes to my knitting is completely opposite to his knitting personality. I guess that's a sign of me wanting everything to come out perfect the first time (that also includes non-knitting things like school work). But I won't be loosening up any time soon.

Back to the hat. The hat is for his 70-year-old aunt who is teaching Native Canadians in northern Saskatchewan. He absolutely adores her and were going to visit her this May. He hasn't seen her in about 10 years or so. It will be an interesting experience.

Yeah, I know I haven't finished these, but the weather in Michigan has been getting so nice that I could not resist working with cotton (I guess in an attempt to quicken the death of winter). The design is my own. I really just wanted to do some lace work with out having to use thin yarn and small needles. Plus, I like knitting garments that are fitted and wearable, so sweaters, tops, and vests are my favorite things. But I do like accesories so hats and socks are cool too.

This week is looking good. Spring break comes after Wednesday, so I'll get 10 days off of school (that includes the weekends). No, I'm not going on vacation. I'm staying put, working at night and doing school work in the day. I know it is a time to relax, but I still have assignments that need to be completed and turned in after spring break. But seeing that it's my normal class load, I won't be breaking a sweat (unless I procrastinate). So pray/wish/grant me the desire to not procrastinate these next 10 days.


meg said...

great hat and sweater. both are looking fab!

gray la gran said...

oooh, the green thing is going to be very pretty! very spring green :)

Valerie said...

Your boyfriend's hat is *excellent*. He should be really proud of himself.

I'm liking your green lace!

Gaby said...

Your green sweater is nice! And your boyfriend knits! Excellent :)
I have seen older posts; the hooded green cardigan is beautiful!
While you 're waiting for the spring, we waiting for the winter ;) In all shops there are only autumm and winter clothes, but the weather is still hot!
I did'nt know that you told me about yarns