Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Lot to Say

Back Tracking

So last post I talked about the need for us knitters to be fiscally responsible now so that we can save for a rainy day or retirement later. I was happy to see some disagreement with what I had to say in the comments over the past couple days. Meg felt that life was too short and we got to enjoy it as much as we can now. I agree with that, to an extent. However, I think Valerie hit the nail on the head when she summed up my "financial seminar" post. Pragmatic. We can't deprive ourselves of essential things like food, water, and happiness. However, we don't have to max out our credit cards to get those feelings of satisfaction we all need. In other words, there is a delicate balance between splurging and self-denial of things that make us happy. Life should be enjoyable and responsible. And I am glad for that. I'm also glad that some of you are doing the responsible act of saving for retirement as well.

Other News

Yesterday, I got to work 30 minutes late, the first time I've ever been late at this job (I've been working there since June 2006). I'm only mentioning this to you guys because on Saturday night I had a dream that I was going to be late for work and loose my job. The following night I had a 5 page book review due so I decided to stay up all night and do that. Needless to say that all Monday I was dead tired. After class got out at 3 pm, I went to bed and made sure I had set my alarm for 4:20, so that I would reach work for 5 pm. When I woke up at 4:59, I wondered why my alarm had not rung. The alarm (which is army in time) said 14:20 (2:20) instead of 16:20 (4:20). DAMN IT!!!! So the whole time I'm driving to work, I'm praying that I won't get fired because even though I hate working there, this job is perfect for my life right now and I don't have the time to look for another one.


Enough with the drama. I've been working on 2 socks this week. I mentioned these last week and here are some progress pictures:

The top one is for me and I'm using this pattern. The bottom sock is for one of my friends and it is this pattern. I love this chick's patterns and because I'm burning through stash, it's all good!

Also, I went to Barnes and Nobles this past Saturday and picked up these. The new IK and this new book by a woman named Stephanie Japel aka the Glampyre. It's odd that I'm buying this woman's book because for the most part, I think that many of her patterns are ugly (or rather not for me). This book erases whatever errors she has done in the past. I want to knit almost the entire book! It's all sweaters or tops for ladies and the garments look very professional, which excites me because I could basically knit my whole wardrobe from this book for when I become a professional in an office someday.

Having read her blog from time to time, it fascinates me how many bloggers are beginning professional careers in knitting, whether it be dying or spinning or opening yarn stores or becoming influential designers. It's definetely inspiring to young knitters like myself because it's nice to know that if I work hard enough I too one day can do something like that with my life.

So that's it for today. Tomorrow is the end of African-American history month and I have a special post for that so come back and see!


meg said...

just to clarify, i agree with being pragmatic. i don't continue to build up debt in order to get everything i want but i do indulge in things and at the same time set money aside for the future.

wow, both of your socks look so great. i love the colorways.

i ordered fitted knits and can't wait to get my copy. i actually love a ton of her old stuff so i'm really excited for the book. glad to hear you like it so much.

hope everything works out okay at work. i would be shocked as ever if they fired you for being late one time. i'm sure you're going to be fine.

del said...

I love those socks!

Glad you didn't get fired for being late one day (hey, it happens).