Monday, March 19, 2007

Am I a Bad Girlfriend?

Why are men such babies when they get sick? My boyfriend woke up Saturday morning with a high fever. I thought some rest and lots of water would take care of it. By Sunday I was administering drugs to him (tylenol to be exact) and I thought "Yeah that should do it." However, throughout the day I'm trying to get my work done and he's interrupting me with requests for water, more blankets to keep him warm, and food. I had enough when he woke me up 5 o'clock in this morning so that I could keep him company while he was sick. He had been in pain all night and the tylenol stopped working. So I did what any responsible girlfriend would do--I called a doctor. Turns out the fever he has had all weekend is because of the flu. The doctor prescribed some more powerful painkillers and now he gets to take a day off and fight the flu (lucky dog gets to stay home on a weekday). I really want him to get better, but when he woke me up this morning, even in my weak, sleepless state, I was ready to choke his ass. After 15 minutes, though, my irritation subsided and I really wanted to help him feel comfortable and get better. Hopefully he gets over this flu soon so he could get back to work tomorrow.


I did alot of that this weekend but I haven't taken any pictures and I feel as if no pictures would be cheating you guys, so I'll talk more about the weekend's knitting tomorrow.


Saun said...

Men can be big babies when it comes to getting sick. They get even worse when a loving and caring woman is around. Get ready for a whole week of it. The flu is the worst. Make sure you don't catch it. And just remember that I can't afford to bail you out of jail, so try not to kill him.

mc78 said...

My brother spent a weekend passed out on the couch. I thought he was hungover, but I fed him chicken and gave him a pack of Theraflu and he was fine. He coulda done both those things himself.