Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So I Got Sick

Yeah, Monday morning while I was tending to my sick man, I felt great. I went to work that afternoon and I felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks. I requested to be able to go home early that night and my boyfriend nursed me back to health (isn't he sweet, even though I know feel like a bitch for writing the last post). Anyway, I'm feeling alot better, so much so that I don't even mind that the weather looks like this:

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I told you I had some knitting I wanted to share with you:

I finished the front of my "Spring Vest" creation. The idea has come from my head so I believe this is an original pattern. I've written down good notes and I believe once I'm done, I just need to figure out how to write this pattern for more than one size (this vest is 34 inches around the bust) so that I can share this with you guys. The only thing I did not create from scratch is the stitch pattern, which I got from this book. I hope to finish this by April 13, 2007. That's when I shall be presenting my research at Purdue University. And if I don't get it done by then, it won't bother me. I've enjoyed designing and knitting this vest.

I felt that one picture wasn't enough. The second Monkey sock right after the heel has been turned and all the stitches have been picked up for the gusset. I have to admit that I'm enjoying knitting these socks more than these socks:

I think it's because Monkey is for me and Pomatamus is for a friend. I'm selfish like that.

It's pretty early in the morning here in Michigan, so I have to continue my homework crusade (I call it that because I have to fight my impulses to procrastinate).


meg said...

glad you are feeling better. i have to admit i love your pomatomus. the colorway is gorgeous.

the vest is looking great as are the monkeys. you're a busy lady.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better...I missed the sick BF post, LOL. GREAT question, but we'll never have the answer.

Anyway, the top looks great so far...I hope you can figure out all the math, then maybe you can publish the pattern online.

Love the socks, esp. the Poto. colors.

Anonymous said...
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gray la gran said...

hey kelly! the vest is really coming along nicely :)
you mention it's cotton, but could you tell me which brand? i have some green stashed away as well for something summery, but mine is olive green tahki cotton classic.

caska said...

me encantan esos colores te seldràn estupendos ,ese par de calzetines!! ,muy majo tabièn el top :)

Jimena said...

Te felicito!!!
Muy linda la musculosa y los calcetines.
El color de los calcetines está divino, me encantó! :-)
Un beso.