Friday, January 26, 2007

Some More Hats

I have carefully reviewed what you all have said about the hat/pattern situation and after thinking about it, I felt that I would be taking the credit for something I really just arranged. I wasn't being a designer, I was being a improviser. I didn't like how that sounded, so I'm not puting up the instructions for how to make that hat on my blog. I think the first pattern (and matter fact, all the patterns) I publish on this blog should be something that I created, not something I copied.

Hat City

So remember that my boyfriend is a knitter and he was knitting on this hat? Well he finally finished it:

Sorry I don't have a picture of him wearing it but I'm so proud of him and he seems to be very happy with the result. Did I mention that he designed this hat all by himself? He never swatches either, but he is so creative. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn't knit as much as I do because he's always busy with school work, but I love the fact that he loves to knit and wishes that he had more time for it.

This is another one of these, but this time I did it on the proper needles size (US 11) so that it would fit my head.

Just to let you know, it does not fit my head, in fact, it's too big. Then I realized that I didn't like how the decreases at the top looked on my head. So in the end, this pattern was fun to knit, but not fun to wear. Don't you hate that?


So I haven't knitted anything for the past week. Mainly because like my boyfriend, I'm swamped with school. Plus I'm feeling a bit apathetic toward finding a new project. I'm still working on these stockings and I have a scarf project that really is not a scarf project that I care to finish this year (it's just something I pick up if I don't have anything else to do in my apartment I don't in habit). Truthfully, this weekend it's going to have to be all about the homework because I've been procrastinating and I feel really guilty when I choose to knit and my homework is no where done. In other words, in order to truly enjoy knitting, I have to finish my homework. And for knitting, that's a sacrfice I am willing to take.

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meg said...

i really want to make a center square hat for myself. i love that pattern and think it would be a good learning process for me.

how cool that your boyfriend knits and designed that hat all on his own.

good luck with the homework. i've got the same guilt issues when i knit knowing i have other pressing obligations i'm not tending to.