Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Back!

I know it's been a long time since we've last talked. Here's a short run down of what happened while I was gone.

1) Last week classes started so I had to get organized fast.

2) This past weekend I went to New York to celebrate my parent's 25th wedding anniversary. It was a formal gala with many family members (most of them I forgot their names but can I get points for remembering their faces?).

3) Returned to Michigan with a shit-load of homework to do (homework and spending time with family don't seem to mix very well).

4) The wireless router in the house shut down so I'm typing this on my boyfriend's PC (not my beautiful Powerbook).

5) Oh yeah, and I haven't knitted anything since Thursday.

6) Yes I'm going thru withdrawl from not knitting in such a long time. Today, I found myself making the motion of knitting something without having any project in my hand while I was reading!

8) I read all of the comments that you guys left and believe that I will implement some of your suggestions (like signing up to bloglines and getting a hit counter). I like organization, but it may have to wait till the weekend (when I'll have more time).

7) Last, but certainly not the least, I've been published.

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del said...

I read your article over at BP. Very good! And congrats!