Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

I know it's a day late, but my New Year's was pretty uneventful. I didn't get drunk like most of the world did (personally, I don't like getting very drunk, just tipsy once in awhile) and me and my boyfriend went to bed at 10:30 after watching a boring Chicago Bears' game.

The weekend was very well spent though. We went on a road trip to a far away mall because I wanted to and I got some pretty yarn at a LYS in Indianapolis (pictures of what I got later). The store is HUGE. I don't know how they afford the rent on such a large store but they had tons of people in there (it was an end of the year sale). The store provided shopping baskets from a local drug store for patrons to hold their yarn in while they shopped. They had a big screen TV there too so as soon as football came on, my boyfriend sat right on the couch in front of it (though he's a knitter, he's still a man who loves football). I even kept on budget (under $50) and I left the store happy and proud of myself.

We continued the day at the local mall and made some purchases. That evening we came home and ate a big homemade dinner. Yesterday we got some much needed housework done (Spring Cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.). We ended the day with another big dinner and some champagne to celebrate the new year. I even made some of this bread.

Today it's back to reality and my work. I know this post sounds boring, but I wanted to give you guys an update on my life.

In the Spirit of the Holiday...

I have a New Year's resolution for my knitting. I feel as if I've been knitting simple stockinette items for the past year. Though they look beautiful, they don't stretch the imagination or keep me entertained for very long. So I've decided that I'm going to do something I've never done before -- Intarsia. I've done colorwork before (stripes) but nothing that could amount to a picture on my knitting or an intricate design. I'm just afraid that I might fail at it so I haven't tried it yet. But there is this one pattern that I'm dying to try and would love to make one day. Not only does it have Intarsia but it has steeking too! So once the Christmas knitting is done (yeah I only have one sock left for my mother) I can focus on more challenging projects.


del said...

Good luck with your knitting resolution--I made the same one last year & I tried so many new things & learned a lot, so it was a lot of fun!

Glad your holidays were nice!

blue thing pie said...

Oh, I used to love to go to Circle Centre when we would visit my husband's family in Indy.

I'm thinking of learning intarsia soon too. I have an Amazon gift certificate and I think I'm going to use it to get the three Stitchionary books - one of them is all colorwork/intarsia.

meg said...

Happy New Year, Kelly.

I was in Chicago O'Hare airport on an 8 hour flight delay watching that game. It was actually one of my highlights because I'm a huge Packer's fan.

Sounds like a good challenge to take on. I haven't thought about what I'm going to do yet but I think it will also involve colorwork. Can't wait to see what you produce.