Monday, January 08, 2007

My Goodies

As promised, what I got at the yarn store last Sunday:

From left to right, Cashsoft DK from Rowan (don't know the color), a ball of Kidsilk Haze from Rowan in Shade 9241, and a skein of The Great Adirondack Yarn Company, Inc. in the Soxie Cancun colorway.

My two favorites are the sock yarn and the Kidsilk. It's pretty expensive ($9, and that's the sale price) but the yarn is to die for. This yarn is perfect for next to skin wear like a scarf or some gloves even. Very delicate and girly. Every time I rub it on my neck, I purr like a cat and simply melt like butter. The sock yarn is my favorite too because I love the colors. Deep purple with a splash of tropical turquoise, bright yellow, and neon green. The orange (more like peach) yarn will become this hat.

Intarsia Freak

Here is what I've done so far with my New Year's Knit-Resolution:

The hat was done in a day. Unfotunately it's too small for an adult's head so I'm giving this to my boss so that he can give it to his son. I used size 10 US instead of size 11 because I didn't have any and I'm a loose knitter anyway, but my assumptions didn't work. When it comes to things fitting, I'm not stressing over a hat. If it doesn't fit me, I'll give it away. However, a sweater for me, is another story. I take my time with the swatch, wash it, and then measure it to make sure everything is perfect before I even start to knit. Sweaters are special to me. I don't want to F' those up.

Back to the hat. I'm sure you guy's have seen the pattern. Very easy and very fun.

The second picture is a baby sweater that was originally designed for a 9 inch bust teddy bear. The pattern can be found here. I altered the pattern by adding 11 inches to the bust making it 20 inches around so that it fits a human baby. Also, I might have to make this a vest because the original pattern is a sweater, but I only have 2 balls of yarn. If I still don't have enough to make a baby sweater out of it, I'll just turn it into a hat and give it away if it doesn't fit me (even though I totally love the design).

Truthfully, I like giving hand knit things away. It's refreshing to my soul and clears my stash for new yarn. Giving away your knit items is like purging junk out of your house (though the knit items are never junk no matter how awful they look). Someone's trash is always someone else's treasure.


blue thing pie said...

I really want to make the Odessa hat, but I keep getting distracted by other things.

del said...

Your colorwork is awesome--great job!