Thursday, October 19, 2006

What I've Been Doing

It seems as if everyone is knitting the CPH. You got to check out Meg's and Gray's CPHs. They both use different colors than what I'm using but they are still very unique and beautiful.

As for my CPH, progress is slow. I don't have a picture yet. I haven't even measured the thing, but I think I'm halfway up the back. School this past weekend proved to be a vacuum of knitting time. Thankfully the forecast for this weekend is looking at clear time for hours and hours of knitting fun!


This part unfortunately has no pictures. I finished my Wavy and failed at felting my Satchel fully. So this weekend, I will try again with the felting.

More Christmas Knitting

So with two Christmas gifts done, I'm thinking about what I should do for my mother. Back in August, I went to Stitches Midwest and bought some really nice alpaca I believe in a sock or DK weight. It is a natural cream color and gloriously soft. I have over 675 yards of it. I'm thinking maybe I should make my mother something lacy like a shawl. This would be my first lacy project ever. I've knit lace patterns before in socks and vests but never a real lace shawl.

So here are the questions: Is alpaca ideal for a first lace project? Do I have enough yarn to make a substantially sized shawl? Do you guys have suggestions for a pattern? Can I really make a lace shawl in 2 months? Should I just stick to something small like gloves or mittens but still incorporate a lace pattern?

I hope that you guys would be able to help me. Have fun at Rhinebeck those that are going. I'll try and make the trip next year when I have more time and money to do so.

As always, Happy Knitting Everyone!


gray la gran said...

here's my 2 cents on an alpaca shawl. i think you're on the low end of yardage, as i went through some of my shawl patterns to check their requirements. but, i think that if you do a long rectangle, it can double as a scarf or pseudo/wrap. i would pick a simple lace pattern that's easy to "read" so you're not chasing charts the entire time. and think about the "balance" of the stitches ... maybe something with a garter ridge thrown in here and there to help keep it from wanting to curl up. i would use a larger needle than the yarn asks, to give you a bit more mileage. the alpaca will certainly drape! and it will block! will it be hard to rip if you goof? hmmm ... i think the swatch will tell you that best.
i say, go for it! i think a simple feather and fan or vine lace pattern is easy enough to memorize, and is classic, girly, and elegant.
and take this all with a grain of salt, as i have yet to finish my alpaca icarus shawl. it's been hiding in the ziplock for a good couple of months now, waiting for the love to return :)
thank you for the well wishes on my cph and rhinebeck. the sheep & wool are one thing, but i also get to stay with some of my oldest friends and just chill!
oh, more lace shawl ideas ... how about something from interweave? like this ...

or this ...

they look smallish, but i don't know the required yardage.
you have the skills ... it's just reading a pattern and doing what it says :)

meg said...

can't wait to see your wavy! i don't have any lacy shawl suggestions but i see so many fab ones out there.

thanks for linking to my CPH. i'm jealous you got the donegal. i really wanted it but was too impatient to wait. i'm in absolute awe of that color. (not that i can complain about my choice but i do so love that color and it's tweed)i'm anxious to see your progress shots

gray la gran said...

my first real lace project was a lace wt. kid mohair scarf for my mom as a christmas gift. the yarn was very much like kidsilk haze. i cast on after thanksgiving, and was knitting into the wee hours of christmas when my parents went to midnight mass.
christmas morning, she opens the box and says, "how nice", and promptly sets it aside to open something else.
i freaked !
"that's it?!" ... she thought it was some store bought thing, and didn't realize that i had knitted it for her. gaaaa !

del said...

I think 2 months is enough time for a lace shawl. I did a shawl in 2 months while other projects were going on--not extremely lacy, but more than 675 yds. If you really want to do it (and it sounds like a lovely idea) then I say go for it.

meg said...

hey miss kelly, thank you so much for the congratulations on my engagement. i don't have an email to thank you so i'm doing it through your comments. hope you don't mind.

such exciting times for me! thank you again. :)