Monday, July 06, 2009

Sick & Tired

Like any other knitter while they're cleaning, I listen to podcasts. Stash & Burn and Lime & Violet are just two of my favorites.

And like any other knitter, I do fall behind on my weekly listening. Lately I've been catching up on Cast On and found myself very disappointed with the content lately. I love how she talks about the knitting and her travels around Wales and her relationship with Tanya and all. The only problem I have with this particular series is the doom and gloom aspects that have slyly pushed themselves in.

It seems that Brenda is watching too much news and is getting scared of the "economic downturn". It's a bunch of shit and needs to stop right now!

I guess I'm so upset because if I wanted to hear bullshit, I'd watch the news to keep my mind limited, my hopes pissed on, and my confidence turn into fear in a matter of seconds. I don't want my knitting podcast to be infused with the same crap that CNN, Fox News, and other news outlets are made out of.

I listen to podcasts about knitting to escape from the daily grind. I don't want to hear about the stock market, do not want to hear about people loosing their jobs, I don't care about people not being able to afford a "good" college education for their kids or themselves. People who have come from nothing (like Jay-Z, like Oprah, like Warren Buffet) didn't let bullshit like "economic turmoil" deter them from what they wanted. They decided they wanted to be successful and touch other people's lives and they did it. NO EXCUSES HERE!

Here's a reality check: If you're still working, if you haven't lost your home to foreclosure, if you are still buying yarn in abundance, THEN YOU PERSONALLY DO NOT HAVE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS!!! You're doing quite alright. Now, if you're in tons of debt, can't keep up with your bills, and don't know where you're going to find food to feed your kids, THEN YOU PERSONALLY DO HAVE AN ECONOMIC CRISIS!!! Either way, you're responsible for your own household, not me, not the government, not your friends or family, NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU!!!

Ultimately, I'm saying keep my knitting podcasts and bullshit news separate please. Do you think I should tell Brenda this? I mean it is her show, and she does what she pleases with it, but I figure she does seem pretty open to suggestions from her audience. Let me know, eh.


trek said...

I agree. Nobody dropped into our living room and said, "here's a check, pay your mortgage". We did it ourselves. We refused the realtors and mortgage lenders who wanted us to take a loan for 3x what we were willing to spend and it paid off.

After all of that, why should we have to pay for the people across town who bought a 6000 sq ft monstrosity knowing that they could barely swing the payments at the top of the market? They could have told the loan officer and realtor "No" just as readily as we did.

Anonymous said...

right on.

T x