Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing Much

I know you guys are probably annoyed that there aren't any pictures in this post. However, I promise there is much knitting getting done. It's just that work is keeping me very busy as well (which in some ways is a good things because I get to do things like, I don't know, eat and maintain my yarn habit).

I'm still working on the socks, just not as fervently as before. The project of my real interest right now is a orange sweater. I'll have pictures for you guys next week as I want to get some more work out of it before I show you my progress.

This weekend I'm off to Chicago for work purposes. It's going to be SUPER SUPER FUN!!! Not many people can say that, so I'm truly blessed.

So what are you guys doing this weekend?


Valerie said...

Ooh, have a fun trip to Chicago!

We've got three different house guests flying into town, from Santa Barbara and from Australia, so that'll be fun -- if I can wake up enough to enjoy it. Still on painkillers post-surgery.

Angelita said...

un sweter naranjo??? espero ansiosa las fotos!!!! de seguro quedara hermoso.......

Que te vaya super bien este fin de semana!!! disfrutalo!!!!