Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wollmeise Rant

Am I foolish for thinking that I would be able to buy a skein of Wollmeise sock yarn? I guess so. Last week the sneak up at The Loopy Ewe came up at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time. By 9:05 p.m. Central Standard Time, all 300 skeins were gone! Can you imagine the amount of profit Sherry is making right now. I can't even imagine. Maybe more or less than we all think, but either way, that's good for the knitting industry. As long as someone buys it, yarn (and might I mention good yarn) will still be available to the rest of us.

I guess what I'm more upset about is the fact that I checked the website every day several times for a whole month and a half. I figured if I checked multiple times a day, I would catch the sneak up and have my chance to knit with this stuff. But alas, I did not check the site when it really mattered. This reminds me of American football. You could have a perfect field goal score in practice, but if you do not kick a good field goal when the Super Bowl is on the line, you're toast.

What disturbs me more is how obsessed I became with getting the yarn. It was almost like I forgot why I knit. I mean many of the yarns I have in my stash are good quality stuff. However when I was thinking about Wollmeise, it was almost like I thought my stash was really balls of twine and skeins of acrylic. I felt when it came to knitting, nothing else mattered and my stash would finally be complete with some of this stuff. Wollmeise is like the Holy Grail of sock yarns right now and unfortunately I can't get any of it.

And for those of you on Ravelry, just look up Wollmeise and see what you find. It resembles more of a stock market or trading bazaar than a place to display your stash. There are tons of people on there looking to trade Wollmeise for other Wollmeise sock yarn. It kind of makes me think that maybe a lot of the people that bought last week were just trying to get what they could and if they didn't like the color, they figured they could trade for something they liked on Ravelry. I must admit that was my plan too, but again, I failed.

Wollmeise is like crack for knitters. And even though I'm jealous of all of you who have a skein, I will be a big girl and wait till the next sneak up. Hopefully I will be clicking on the Loopy Ewe at the right time. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to get over this obsession I have with this lady's stuff. Or fly to Germany and take her hostage and force her to dye some yarn specifically for me. You know, I'm just saying (LOL).


Angelita said...

wauuuuuuuuu vaya asi tener wollmeise es tu gran obseci�n.. espero que puedas conseguir unas madejas ...... paciensia amiga.. ya veras que mas tarde que nunca estaras tejiendo una de esas lindas madejas..

Lisa said...

I'm soooo with you on this!! I've had to settle for Dream in Color Smooshy. Which is nice--very nice. But I would like to at least TOUCH some Wollmeise at some point in my life!

Wouldn't it be funny if it's the KnitPicks Bare sock yarn that someone is hand-dying?