Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty Yarn

Recently, I heard a report on National Public Radio talking about the rise in lipstick sales in the United States of America. The journalist stated that usually in hard economic times, women cut back on more expensive cosmetic related items like facials and day spa trips, but lipstick seems to be a cheap "pick-me up" type of consumer good to buy. I mean let's think about it. Women, even in hard times, want to feel beautiful. And if a new tube of red lipstick or sparkly lip gloss will give them the "pick-me up" they need to get through the week, why not? Seeing that I don't wear lipstick, yarn has replaced that "pick-me up" that I need so badly right now.

Yesterday I went to the world famous Thread Bear yarn store in Lansing, MI. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of the store itself because I forgot to bring my camera. But I will say that if you are anywhere near Lansing, MI, pay a visit to this store. It is huge, carries a wide selection of yarns and knitting notions, and they even sell spinning wheels, drop spindles, and fiber. I even got to meet with the owners of the store, Rob and Matt, who were both very funny, pretty nice and hospitable. Love that place and do plan on returning whenever I'm in the Lansing area.

I'm sure you're wondering what type of yarns are these. From top to bottom, some worsted weight Malabrigo, some gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn by Susie (hmm, that makes 4 skeins from her), some Colinette Jitterbug, and some more Malabrigo in the chunky weight. I only picked up the Malabrigo because that fire in Uruguay really destroyed a lot of the inventory. I hear it will take them anywhere from 6 months to a whole year to get back to full capacity (anyone can correct me if I'm wrong). Therefore, Malabrigo addicts, you need to snatch whatever skeins you can up before it is all gone for a while (see I wasn't crazy when I talked about "THE END"). The Jitterbug was too beautiful to pass up, as the colors were just so whimsical and pretty.

As for the pink variegated yarn above, I must take a moment to talk about the Perchance to Knit sock yarn. I saw this skein and knew that it had to come home with me. The price was a little steep, but quite frankly, the dye job on this skein was hard to beat. Like I said, I have about 4 skeins and from time to time I just admire and pet them. GORGEOUS!!! I command all who read this to run over to the Loopy Ewe and buy Perchance to Knit because I would do anything for Susie and the work she does is phenomenal.

Remember the secret hat I was working on? Here are the pictures.

This was my first time using Noro Kureyon and each time I picked this hat up to work on it, I felt such peace and calm with my knitting. I only mention this because whenever I knit, I'm completely obsessed with getting the project done ASAP. That definetely makes me a project knitter. But seeing the colors transition so well in this hat was really intriguing. A very enjoyable project for me indeed.

So today I'm cooling out. Lots of knitting and getting some housework done (you know the usual).

Later! Ate logo! Hasta luego!


Nik said...

No puedo ver los photos.

I just see red blocks.

If my spanish is wrong, please correct it. I am but a mere student :D

Virtuous said...

@ Nik - Yeah I only say red photos too in my reader, but come here and saw the real deal.

Mmh interesting @ make-up/economy.
I actually down graded to Cover Girl foundation....and it just ain't the same! LOL I had to go get my MAC.....but in my defense it last forever b/c I don't wear makeup everyday Haha!

I have not heard of Perchance to Knit sock yarn and will have to check it out!

I luv the Noro hat! What pattern is that??
Mmh I was surprised you enjoyed the knit since the yarn is a little bit rough, but the color of Noro makes you forget all of that! Haha! As you know I lurve me some Noro!

Have a great week Kelly!

Angelita said...

pues creo que debo considerarme dentro de tu grupo, las que no usamos labial y toda la atencion y necesidad la proyectamos en tejer... ;P
las lanas son una maravilla y creo que yo estaria igua que tu contemplandolas todo el día y sintiendo lo suave del material....

El gorro te quedo precioso se luce muy bien ... ^-*

que tengas un lindo día...

Kelly said...


I've checked on my Mac and my PC at work and I have seen the pictures fine. I think I would check whatever reader you use and see if they have been having problems. In the mean time, you could always just directly access my blog.

As for the Spanish, it is correct. If I were a grammar teacher I woudl say "Las fotos" but I say as long as your understood, I don't care how you say it.

Hope you all like the pictures!

noblinknits said...

hmmmm I accidentally spent a lot on myself yesterday on things like lipstick that individually didn't cost that much but when you keep on adding to that electronic basket the total grows surprisingly quickly.

hmmmm, might look for a job.

Angelita said...

^-* si un poco, siguiendo los esquemas todo se puede lograr jejeje... asi que voy a intentarlo y si me resulta colocare las instrucciones ;P...
así que eres otra mas que cae a causa de los virus infames... ojala que nos recuperemos pronto...

Cariños amiga y que tengas un lindo día..... teje mucho ^-*