Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stitches Midwest 2008 Splurge

So like I said, I really did break the bank with this trip. The money wasn't an issue for me, though. I wanted to have fun and that's what I did.

A quick rundown of the trip. I met a woman named KallieKY on Ravelry. She's a sweet person and she, her mother, and I drove to a certain point in Indiana to board a bus that was coming from Kalamazoo to pick us up to take us to Chicago to get to Stitches Midwest. Needless to say we felt like hitch hikers waiting in the McDonald's parking lot for our bus ride.

We got on the bus and then we were all each given this lovely bag:

Doesn't it look like a knitter's tool kit? Each of these bags had some little trinkets like a pen and notepad, animal crakers for snacking and this wonderful ball of yarn:

I've never knit with this stuff before but I do plan on making a hat or maybe some fingerless mitts. Something small and great for a holiday gift.

Two hours later we got to the convention center and began the frenzy. For a Friday, the place was already buzzing. I was glad we went that day because we probably would have not gotten to every single booth due to the crowds. I bought a ton of stuff and then we got back on the bus to go home.

On the bus ride, I got to know KallieKY personally. We learned that we like knitting pretty much the same things and are always ready for a challenge. She's been knitting longer than I have and is older than me, but I believe we established something special together last Friday. She's also a spinner and promised to teach me how to do it on her wheel some day soon. And you guys know my boyfriend knows how to knit but he's not very passionate about knitting. It's nice to meet people like KallieKY who are just as fanatical and crazy about yarn and needles as you are. Great trip and a great knitter!

The Goods

Two skeins of Noro sock yarn and a skein of Kauni (remember the Yarn Harlot made that crazy cardigan out of this stuff). The yarn itself is not the softest, but those colors are just spectacular.

I got this whole bag of orange DK weight yarn to make a sweater out of the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. I can't remember the exact name of the pattern, but it is a turtleneck with tons of cables. Couldn't resist this yarn (Mission Falls DK to be exact).

Malabrigo silk/wool blend. I only got it because it is Malabrigo and I wanted to try out this new yarn. Pretty colors. Christmas presents? Maybe.

Of course I could not leave that place without some sock yarn. From left to right:

Arucania from Chile, Shelridge Farm from Canada, Creatively Dyed Yarns, and and STR mediumweight in Farmhouse. I would have linked the other companies, but they should be well known by you guys, right? Moving on to...

The Luxury Goods

I did not really go to Stitches Midwest with a plan. However, I did tell myself that I wanted to get things that I did not already have in my stash. Here's what I got:

Some angora/wool blend and a drop spindle from Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Cooperative. I also got...


Sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you. I had to get this stuff. The price was right, the vendors were friendly, and the yarn was GORGEOUS.

And that of course is the climax of our Stitches Midwest 2008 review. This weekend is Labor Day weekend in Canada and the United States. Therefore enjoy the holiday and everyone else, happy knitting!


Anonymous said...

GREAT haul, Kelly. It's nice to splurge now & then. And I'd yell cashmere, too, don't worry, lol!

Nik said...

Girl, why is your cashmere on the floor? LOL.

It should be on a pedestal. :D

Lisa said...

That sounds like a blast. All that yarn is lovely!!

*whispers* (BTW, I may have scored some Wollmeise from Rav-pals. Woo-hoo!)

Normal voice: Go pet the cashmere and dream of making something gorgeous!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Nik (she is a mess!)

That was a great trip! And I didn't realize your boyfriend can knit too! VERY cool!

Hope you and Kallie stay in touch!

KallieKY said...

hey Kelly!

Happy Birthday and ditto on the love ;)


Valerie said...

Sounds like great fun and a good, judicious haul!

I finally figured out that if I reload your page, the pictures will show up. Yay!

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