Sunday, December 09, 2007

Playing Catch Up!

What does a person do in a month of not blogging? Live, of course! Here are some pictures to help get you guys caught up:

We got a new TV. I had to get my "Price is Right" on for this one! We got it for a steal $999, down from $1999! It would have been foolish of us not to spend our money on this rather useless yet fun electronic device.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal. It even snowed! This year I opted to have all-American food. Having a Guyanese background while living in America has allowed me to sample dishes from both countries during this time of year. For example, we'd still have stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce but we'd also have all sorts of rice, curry and roti, and of course sweet plantain.

This past holiday was not stressful at all. I cooked some food, a friend cooked the rest, and she, my boyfriend and his brother, and I just sat, watched football and ate ALL DAY. One of the best Thanksgivings I've ever had!

There has also been some knitting going on:

Bristow is coming along well. I'm almost done with the right sleeve and have started sewing the pieces together (because I could not wait to see how everything would look). I still have to buy buttons and make the button and neck bands, sew everything up, weave in the ends, and block the thing. This should not take too long, however I do have a problem. I still have not even started my mom's present, the Swallowtail Shawl from Interweave Fall 2006. I'm flying into New York City Dec. 20, 2007. That means as of this writing I have 11 days to start, finish, block, and wrap a lace shawl for my mother. Maybe I should just start the shawl and give it to her later (like Christmas 2008). I'll find something store bought or make something smaller (maybe some gloves or a quick scarf). It's unfortunate that I procrastinated like this but I'm not trying to have a stressful holiday this year.

I've also made a couple quick hats. The green one is an Odessa (without the beads) for one of my boyfriend's step brothers. I did it in some Cascade 220 stash yarn I had lying around. The blue and white caps are hat patterns I'm working on. They are free and the idea is last minute gifts that are interesting yet quick. I still got some numbers to rework but these patterns will be available soon.

That's all I got for now. I still have a lot of house work to do. Laundry, cleaning, and decorating are just a few of the things on the long list of things to do. Oh yeah, in addition to the hat patterns, I'm working on a review of the new Knitty. I have just gone through the patterns and still have the articles to read. Talk to you guys later! Happy Knitting!


Adrienne said...

Nice TV! Glad you had a good holiday!

Virtuous said...

SO good to hear from you!

You have been livin'! Ms. Price is Right! LOL Too funny! :o)

Great THANKSgiving spread!

And I can't wait for your free hat pattern. I have been into hats lately! :op

How is the house buying going??

I like the winter Knitty much better than the fall. Can't wait to hear what you think of it too.