Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank God!

Yesterday I was sad because I didn't have anything to say to you guys. When I got home from work, however, I decided to visit Knitty. I was plesantly surprised when I saw that they uploaded the Fall 2007 issue.

I know many of you guys are probably giving your personal reviews of the issue. I'm doing the same here. First I would like to say that this being their 5 year anniversary, this issue is pretty lack luster in terms of proclaiming that fact (unlike another certain publication that I do not really like right now).

The majority of the sweater patterns are flat out plain, boring, or too ugly to knit. However, I am somewhat interested in this sweater but it's not on my "I have to make that right now" knitting list.

What is refreshing is the amount of sock patterns. Many of the socks are plain to the eye but knit up in a not so conventional way (like this one and this one), which makes for interesting knitting.

However, one thing that I am completely in love with is this shawl. I think it is the best pattern in this issue. I can definetely see some KAL's popping up for this number.

Lastly, I just wanted to comment about this man's hair (you got to scroll down about mid-page to see it). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIS HAIR!!! If only I were as disciplined as he to have my hair like that (I mean I cut my hair just so that even when I do not pass a comb through it, it still looks somewhat descent).

That's all for now. This weekend will be busy but I believe I'll have some time to knit this Sunday as I watch football.


Deborah said...

Yup you hit all of the highlights, and lowrights, righton. As for the brotha with the hair, well yes the locks are slammin but the feet are scary...

Anonymous said...

LOL@Deborah. Girl, are you Marcus from "Boomerang" here? LOL.

Anyway, thanks for the Knitty link. I see a couple of projects I like, but have no idea when I'll have time to get to.

Virtuous said...

I thought about you when I saw the new Knitty up the other day. :o)

Yep I am not impressed at all. There is one "possible" item I would knit and that is far fetch. But the socks are hot! I am just not on that level yet! LOL

Valerie said...

I'm not all that excited about the new Knitty, either, but sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to things. I do like both the throw and the guy modelling it -- I like his big chunky feet too. But then I married a guy with chunky feet. I think I like chunky feet.

Vogue Knitting is always bad these days, but I enjoy reading it anyway for some reason. I'll probably never knit anything out of it, but sometimes I read the patterns just to learn from them.

Anonymous said...

the hair yes. the feet? ugh.

Virtuous said...

Ur uh can I get you to e-mail me with your e-mail addy please! LOL :op Thx!

But you are right with love there is pain!

Cee Cee & I are getting along now though! ;op