Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip Pictorial

So we returned this past Sunday afternoon but it has taken me way until now to actually get situated and sit down to write. This post will be filled with pics so please be patient in terms of allowing for the photos to load.

Kinoosao was a great place to vacation. By the end of the week, we seriously did not want to leave! As you can tell by the picture above, it is a wilderness with only one road to access it:

When we drove to Kinoosao, Saskatchewan, we took the quickest route possible. However, states like North Dakota aren't the most exciting places in terms of landscape and photo oppotunities. So we decided to take a longer route back to Michigan and drove on the Trans Canada Highway from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay to Sault Saint Marie and then entered the US from the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. The following is a map of Michigan so you guys know where we entered:

While in Kinoosao we did alot of things like camp under the stars and watch some Aurora Borealis:


* Top pic is Internet Photo

We also built a fire by the lake, cooked some hot dogs, and Nathan even caught a fish:

I was very proud of him to say the least. We decided to cook the fish with some salt, pepper, and butter over the fire we had built for the day. It was a Freshwater Pike Fish. Very tasty!

The time spent with Nathan's family was grand. Here is a pic of them:

From left to right Allison and Jerry (married), Enoch (Nathan's Bro), Me, Aunt Deanna (Nathan's aunt, Jerry's mother).

We also got some great shots during the trip. For example, while driving up to Kinoosao, we saw a beautiful sunset:

However, 9 days later the weather looked more like this:

Still, we were able to visit some falls like Pisew and Kakabeka in Manitoba and Ontario:

And I even got to buy some yarn at this fabulous store called Egli's Sheep Farm & Animal Park on the side of the highway:

They have a website and they also sell other wool products like rugs, handknit sweaters, even cosmetics.

The trip was long:

With many signs warning us of the length of space between rest areas (don't worry, it's in kilometers, not miles).

So I was able to get some knitting done:

Another pair of Pomatomus, this time for me. I finished the pair for my friend but it turns out that the heel is shorter on one than the other! No worries. I'm not ripping it out!

All and all, a good vacation:


meg said...

looks like you had a great time. love the pics.

what yarn are you using for the socks? i dig it.

Sarah HB said...

The Northern Lights are amazing and I miss them!

Royal.Empress said...

It looks like you had a really good time and you found time for knitting. Good job! I love the last pic. Precious babies :)

Gaby said...

Nice trip! Que lindos lugares; se nota que la pasaron muy bien ;)

gray la gran said...

is he LICKING your forehead?! you probably had some yummy pike there, right?
what a grand vacation! and it looks like you got to wear your hoodie too =)