Friday, June 08, 2007

Second Post of Week

I did not want this week to end without showing you guys my finished Pomatomus socks:

Aren't they beautiful? The second time around was alot more enjoyable with Trekking XXL yarn. Now all I have to do is block them.

Remember the knitting group that I talked about last post? Well we met today and it was pretty cool. Only 5 ladies but that's all you need. They don't meet very often so hopefully the organizer will get to it this summer because I want to knit with them again!

A swatch and a ball of Knitpicks Essential yarn for some socks for my grandmother. Other than that, nothing special around here.

As always, Happy Knitting everyone!


meg said...


Anonymous said...

I love the bright color KnitPicks you have--those should be some fun socks. And the Pomatomus ARE beautiful!

gray la gran said...

look at your sockens! and a pair!!! my poor poor pomatomus is awaiting its mate. i think socks are an excellent summer project ... think of all the warm socks you'll have for those cold michigan winters :)