Thursday, May 10, 2007

What To Do Next

So remember a couple weeks back I told you guys I was going to Saskatchewan? Well Nathan, Enoch (BF's Bro) and I are leaving tomorrow night after work. The drive will be about 30 hours long and we should be in the middle of nowhere by Sunday afternoon.

So the big question is: Am I bringing enough knitting projects to keep me busy during this whole trip? I was thinking of knitting 2 pairs of plain jane stockinette socks for the ride back and forth and while I am there, start my twin nephew's Christmas sweaters (yeah I want to start early this year). However, my boyfriend says that I will not have much time to knit because we will be doing things like fishing and hiking and other outdoor stuff. Still, the small New York City girl inside of me says, "We are going to the woods. The nearest market is a 3 hour drive! You must be crazy if you think you do not need a truck load of yarn, needles, and patterns to survive this next week!" So do you think I should bring more or is what I have now good enough?

Thursday Teaser

Remember yesterday? Let's find out what those pictures were about. As you guys all knew my boyfriend was away in Florida for the past 6 weeks on business. Being a fanatical knitter, I searched for some yarn stores near Orlando before he even left Michigan. I asked him to stop by and buy some sock yarn for this project. However he came back with these colors:

Obviously the wrong colors for Clessidra. Nonetheless it was a pleasant surprise because he made it seem like he did not have the time to go while he was down there (BTW, for you Florida knitters or knitters planning on visiting there soon, the store that Nathan visited is called The Black Sheep in Winter Park, Florida). Boy was I surprised when I saw the two skeins! He's a trickster, that boy. Despite that, he is a good man because he knows what his girlfriend likes--YARN!!!

Not only was my BF busy buying me sock yarn, he was also busy knitting me this bikini top. I asked him for this a year ago, and the pattern I asked him to make came from the first Stitch & Bitch book. However my boyfriend is a maverick knitter who seldom uses patterns. He came up with his own design. Here are some more shots:

Unfortunately the top makes my boobs look funny. Either way the fact that he could have been out in the Florida sun instead of inside knitting for me is a very nice thought.

That's it for today. I have alot of stuff to do before we leave for Canada (like pack). It's a roadtrip so we got to go buy snacks and other provisions today. I'll try to write a short post tomorrow before I leave for 10 days. If not, you'll know where I'll be (or at least have an idea, right?).


Saun said...

That top looks great! You BF is good for making it and you look good in it. What a couple!

I think the 3 projects should be enough. You may want to take a book when your hands get tired. Enjoy your time in Canada.

Abi and Chris said...

What a great bikini! I'm looking forward to seeing the new book Knitting Lingerie Style - have you seen it? Knitted undies/posing wear is brill.

Abi and Chris said...

btw that abi and chris comment is the alter ego of noblin knits

gray la gran said...

did he knit you any bottoms to go with that top?! ummm hmmmmm
by the way, since you've already left on your roadtrip, and i'm finally catching up on blogs, here's my belated 2 cents . . . you can never take too much yarn!

Maddie said...

Hey Kelly! Just wanted to give you the new blog -- blogger doesn't like me anymore, apparently! Anyways, the bikini top looks GREAT, as do you! Keep up the great knitting!!!