Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

So I finally finished the Spring Green Vest. I just have some ends to weave in and I'm done with the knitting of it. As for the pattern writing, that will come later, but I won't reveal anything till I have the pattern written up for you guys (and of course a photoshoot with my boyfriend's brother). I haven't even touched the Pomatomus Sock because I was so focused on the vest. Which is why I woke up very early this morning to get some homework done (my mom should of named me "Procrastination" instead of Kelly).

Yarn Diet Issues

This past Saturday, I wanted so bad to go to my LYS and buy some yarn. I didn't have a project in mind, I already have tons of stash, I just wanted to go to a nice quiet place, look and touch some new yarn, and buy something nice. However, I knew my boyfriend would be disappointed in me, plus I'd be more disappointed in me, and that's really bad when you're disappointed in yourself for failing, worse than if someone else were, in my opinion. I overcame my urge, though, and did not go. Truthfully, though, I think I was able to overcome because I had lost my debit card last week and all I had was my credit card but I was not going to buy yarn I did not need on credit. I did need groceries, though, so I bought food (which I do need) on credit yesterday. The life of a poor person is about deny and compromise!

Repairs and Storage

Though the weather man is saying that by Thursday it's going to be below zero again (see now why I want to leave this place?), yesterday I did my laundry and washed my handknits (and some store bought knits that are made out of natural fibers) for storage for the summer. I used Eucalan Woolwash, which has lavender in it. I heard that lavender keeps moths away during the summer months in storage. Is this true? If so, in addition to the lavender wash, I'm thinking of buying some lavender flowers to throw into my storage unit when it's time to put them away (living in Michigan, that could be the end of June).

I also darned some socks. I don't think I did a good job, which made me think, it's so f-ing expensive to buy sock yarn for socks that will end up with holes on the bottom. Maybe my mindset is wrong, but I like my clothes to last longer than a season or two of wear. I find that good sturdy sock yarn is not cheap nor expensive, but in the middle range ($12-$15 for 100 gram ball). Superwash is a must because I find that the normal wool felt around the toe and heel (my feet sweat, I'm sure yours do to in wool socks at times). Seeing that I now know the life expectancy of a sock is two seasons, I think in August when I go to this festival, I'll have to pick up a couple hanks of sock yarn.

That's all for now. I'm actually procrastinating by writing this post. Maybe you're procrastinating at your job reading this. I only said that so I wouldn't feel like the only person that procrastinated in this world.


Anonymous said...

I'm procrastinating right now, lol. Yeah, yarn diets can be hard. But you're right, food is more important...I guess.

Valerie said...

Ha ha ha! I'm procrastinating right now, too...let's have a procrastination party.

gray la gran said...

hey kelly, did you darn handknit socks? if so, what yarn were they knitted with?
i have some handknit socks that are over 10 years old. the ones that last the longest are the ones knitted with proper sock yarn with the nylon in them. i also don't wear them hard. i always were them with shoes (usually birks) and not on bare floors. and, i probably have enough pairs of handknit socks that they only are worn once every two to three weeks.
so, enough about socks :)
it's cold here again too, and i am in full swing of knitting tops for the summer. north carolina usually has a very brief spring, and goes from a mild winter straight into the hell of summer! and though we're about to have some nights in the 30's for a few nights or so, i'm not turning on the heat. i'm just going to put on another sweater and wait for the sun and radiant heat again.
i'll send you some warm thoughts :)
oh, and my mojo might be back. my tank (first ball of yarn knitted only) is blocking (so i can check the size of the lace pattern) and, i might have to cast on for a sock.
happy knitting!

DebbieKnitter said...

Oh my goodness, you do such beautiful work. I love your socks!! By the way, I am a teeny bit of a procrastinator LOL
Happy Knitting