Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back From Hiatus

And it's still not over yet! Apparently when you're a senior in college, they like to pile one tons of projects, homework assignments, and papers on you. And professors always make sure to tell you, "We know it's overwhelming, but remember to keep up with your assignments." Man, I've been so busy this past week trying to get my school work in check. I had to actually take a day off of work to keep up! I was kind of sad because I thought about how meager my check will look next week loosing 1 whole day of work. After careful consideration, however, it did not bother me because 20 years from now, I'm not going to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating from a nightmare about this past week and say, "Man, I should have worked that Monday I took off when I was 22 years old and trying to get out of college. Then I'd be $60 richer today." Yeah right.

New Knitting Magazine

I was reading Gaby's blog last week and I found out that there is a new website that showcases patterns written by bloggers who speak Spanish. It is called Tejemanejes (I think translated its "HandKnits" or "HandKnitting"). The patterns are all written in Spanish and it seems to have some pretty cool stuff, like these socks and this hat.

So for those of you who speak spanish or just would like to stretch your foreign language comprehension skills, this magazine seems promising.


So because I've been swamped with homework, there has not been much knitting. However, there has been some pattern writting. Last night I just finished writing up the pattern for the Spring Green Vest. So now I have to go back in there and edit it (make sure it makes sense) do a photoshoot (i.e. get my boyfriend's brother to take pictures of me in it) and then figure out how to publish it on this blog. I'm not making any promises on a release date (given my schedule) but I shall say that it will be soon.

Though I have named this thing the "Spring Green Vest" I thought maybe I could get some input from you guys on a better name for this pattern. I realize that what's in vogue in online knitting patterns are one-word names like "Clapotis" or "Jaywalker". Anyway, you guys have seeen the whole process of my first pattern writing experience, so you already know that the garment is green, made from cotton, and has a lace pattern. Any ideas for names would be greatly considered by me.

Just so that things are not boring, here is an interesting picture I found last week on Google:

Happy Knitting!


meg said...

hey lady. i completely understand the heavy load during your senior year. hang in there. sounds like you are doing a pretty solid job of balancing things out.

Valerie said...

wow, thanks for the pointer to "tejemanejes". I can handle Spanish and the designs are intriguing!

Speaking of Spanish, you could call the vest ""Árboles", because it does kind of look like a grove of trees..

noblinknits said...

The socks look fantastic and I can't wait to see the green vest pattern.

gray la gran said...

ps. thanks for the link to the spanish knitting magazine. i will muddle through :) i especially loved the little monster!

Linda said...

Ah, Kelly, I love your blog and LOVE the inaugural Primavera pattern: kudos, congratulations, mad props and high compliments to you for this, your first published design. (Have you started your desigern's portfolio yet?) May this so-promising portent bring $$future$$ profit and recognition. Thanks so much for the link to tejemanejes; ¡jíjole! as some might say, ;).


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