Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Every Ending Has A Beginning

So I had an incredible weekend. I went to church on Saturday morning (I'm Seventh-day Adventist), which is something that I have not done in over 2 months now. It was nice to see some old people and friends.

On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went over a friend's house to celebrate his birthday. We had to leave early because we were expecting guest at our apartment, but again, I saw some people that I used to hang out with on a regular. It was nice seeing them too.

Later on that evening, we returned home to receive our guests. They were knitting buddies! I had my first knitting party. I helped my friend make her first pair of gloves (which is great because up till that point all she did were scarves). Even my boyfriend worked on a beautiful hat for his aunt in Canada (a province that starts with an "S"). I'll take a picture of his hat when it is done.

As from pics of the party, sorry I don't have any. My friends don't know I have this blog and I'm not sure if they want their government blown up like that (that's New York slang for "their business all over the place"). I did have alot of fun and we're planning on doing it again this weekend with even more knitters.

Finished Objects

I finally finished my vest:

I love the stripe sequence I've chosen. I plan on wearing this baby in about 2 weeks for a presentation. On March 6, 2007, I'm reading my research paper at a Departmental Assembly for the HIstory department of my school. My research was about the Riots in Benton Harbor, Michigan of 1966. I would link to my paper (which is 18 pages long) but I don't know how to make web pages that can connect to my blog that aren't of blogger (plus I'm not sure if you guys would be interested in reading a paper that long). Still, I'm very excited to share what I learned last semester and I hope that my audience will like what I have to say.

I also finished these gloves:

Very warm and pretty but I'm not sure if I should block them. It's an alpaca and angora blend and I heard that these materials don't have much memory so they'll stretch out and be misshappened. However, I still don't like how they don't lay flat whenever they aren't on my hands. What should I do?

So now I'm starting some socks:

The yarn on the left is going to be some socks for myself (I only have 2 pairs of hand knit socks! I should be ashamed of myself, intermediate level knitter and all). The yarn on the right is for a friend of mine that demanded socks after she had seen the socks I made for another friend. I don't mind. It's all apart of my plan to get rid of some of my yarn, which we'll discuss at a later date.

That's all for now. I procrastinated a lot this weekend so I have 3 papers, tons to read, and a lot of shit to do in just 4 days. I wish I didn't have to work. Just school is a full time job as it is!


meg said...

sounds like a fun weekend with friends!

when i hear you talk about school it reminds me of how much i love not having any homework or deadlines!

Anonymous said...

Your vest & gloves came out lovely! Congrats on the paper & getting to read it for others. I'm sure you'll look smashing in your vest while doing that!