Friday, December 08, 2006

CPH: Done

Here are some pictures of my finished CPH:




I'm very proud of this little number. It is the first cardigan I knitted for myself and the second sweater of the year (the first was a purple disaster back in April). The sweater is incredibly warm. I sewed on the buttons on Wednesday night and have been wearing it ever since. I chose yellow buttons because they were so cheerful and and matched the color of the sweater very well. After 2 months I finally have a cardigan that I can see myself wearing everyday this winter (or at least till I make another sweater in another 2 months).

Now I'm off to the Christmas knitting. I still haven't started my mother's socks nor the sweaters for my twin nephews. If I have time, I might even through in another sweater for my 6 month niece (I made a sweater for her in June but hadn't gifted it yet and I believe it's too small for her now) and possibly some Fetchings to go with my little sister's pink wavy scarf.

News Flash

Just to let you all know, the new Winter 2006 edition of Knitty is out. I knew that it was bound to come out soon. Ever since December started I've been checking out the site several times a day. I haven't browsed the the site yet but I definetely will and probably tell you my favs and not so favorites in a later post.

As always, happy knitting, especially to those of you in very cold, snowy areas of the worlds.


Nik said...

Wow. excellent job for not having knit many sweaters. You wear it well, too.

Valerie said...

That looks fabulous on you!! Great job!

Jimena said...

Felicitaciones por ese cardigan, es bellisimo y el color me encanta, te queda muy lindo.
Saludos desde Argentina.

del said...

CPH is fabulous! It fits you perfectly & the color is fantastic. Great job, Kelly!

gray la gran said...

wow! it looks great! i still need to redo my button band :(
i just haven't found the perfect buttons yet.
and the fit looks dead-on!