Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cookies and Needles

So I know it is Tuesday but I wanted to tell you guys about my weekend. I baked some cookies:

The recipe is found here and they are called Jam Thumbprint Cookies and they are delicious. Though the recipe calls for raspberry and apricot jam, I also used some blackberry jam. And if you don't like any of those, you can substitute with your favorite jam like orange marmalade or strawberry. The recipe is super easy but the result is very hollywood (at least in my opinion). I can't stop eating them.

I also managed to finish the second baby sweater for my co-worker.

This and the smaller version shall both be delivered this Thursday.

I have finally started a sock for my mother.

I'm using Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool in a deep eggplant. I like the yarn but I'm not sure if the stitch pattern I've chosen would stand out. I know I don't want to do a plain stockinette stitch mainly because I'm craving for something more complicated and fun. I'm thinking cables but not a common stitch (I've done enough of the divide some stitches in half and switch them on the needle. Very nice but very boring). Any suggestions?


Valerie said...

The cookies and sweater look lovely!

I think you can get away with somewhat more stitch pattern on a sock with dark yarn than on other things. When you wear a sock, it stretches out a bit and I think that makes patterns more visible. Just my 2c.

del said...

What yummy looking cookies & sweater. As for sock patterns, I'm currently knitting a cable/rib pair from Interweave Knits Spring '05. Very easy, enough patterning to hold your interest, I think.

gray la gran said...

that stitch pattern looks very much like a free (subscriber only) sock pattern on the interweave knits site. the difference being, there were vertical ribs between the sets of diagonal ribs. those socks ate my yarn. i had very little leftover, and they were extremely stretchy.
i say go for it. if you can see the pattern enough to knit the stitches, then i think it's okay. if anything, it will make an interesting knit for you vs. stockinette, and whoever wears them will appreciate their subtle beauty.