Monday, November 13, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Well, I've been in school, friends. I know it's been a week. Truthfully, though, I wasn't really inspired to write last week. I'm in the last 5 weeks of school and it's getting pretty intense. If only I could stop procrastinating! Through it all, however, I have found time to knit. Here is what I've done:

Some socks for a very good friend of mine. She requested them and I had some yarn I didn't like for me but thought would be perfect for her. She said she wanted colorful, so I'm giving it to her. The yarn was bought last November while I was in Toronto, Canada visiting a friend. I think it was Regia, but don't quote me on that one.

These are very Fetching, if I don't say so myself. Again, these are going to a friend of mine (not the one that wanted the socks, though). She asked me for them back in September when it was still warm in Michigan. I finally got around to them last week. The yarn is Cascade 220 and the pattern is quick, easy, and fun. I have to say that this is the perfect last minute gift. It took me I'd say literally 4 hours to complete the pair. Instant gratification at it's finest.

The CPH is coming along pretty fast. I've completed the two fronts and one sleeve and I'm working on the second sleeve. I'm loving the yarn and the results of my knitting. I do have a question though, when should I block the pieces? Many of the stitches are still on DPNs and I'm not sure if I want to submerge my needles in water? Should I just knit the whole thing, sew it all up, then block the finished garment or should I block before I sew? I need some advice, people!


Harlem Purl said...

I love those socks and your Fetching wrist warmers. As for your blocking question, most books say that you should block before you seam. I wouldn't suggest submerging you dpn's, you can just put the live stiches on a piece of waste yarn.
But in all practicality, I hardly ever do things by the book. I don't think I've ever blocked peices before I seamed them up. I think that blocking the pieces may make it easier to seam up but like I said, that's just my theory.

del said...

Wow, Fetching is so cute! 4 hours--you can't beat that. And I love the socks, too--I'm crazy about socks.

For the blocking, I say block after seaming if the pieces are still going to be on the needles. I wouldn't want to submerge needles either.

Valerie said...

Ahhh... the green yarn is gorgeous. And your Fetchings look better than anyone else's I've seen — I was just going to decide not to make the pattern, but if I can make mine come out like yours I want to :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly, I have a friend going to B.A. this month who is a huge knitter, and you wrote in July that there is "a street in Buenos Aires that I call "Yarn Heaven". Within a 5 block stretch, there are over 12 yarn stores, some of them being next door neighbors. The stores look like chic clothing boutiques and when fall rolls around (April/May) they are always filled all the time."

Can you please tell me the blocks you are talking about so I can let her know? Many thanks from a fellow Michigander and B.A. lover!!

gray la gran said...

you could also just lightly "press" (from wrong side of fabric, only the edges, with presscloth to protect wool, and use some steam) just the edges, to make sewing together easier.
i still need to submerge mine, but after i reknit the buttonbands.
the fetching mitts are quite so!
have you seen the fingerless mitts from spring 2006 interweave knits (cover model is wearing a ss blue bobbled sweater)? page 68! i saw some today that a friend knitted with some koigu ... and they're super cute too!
'tis the time for gift knitting ....