Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Updates

Hey guys! Hola! Como estan? Anyway, I've been doing a lot lately. To make this easier on all of us, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

A co-worker and I this past weekend went to a alpaca shearing at a local farm. She, her two children, and I had a delightful time there, learning about the animals, petting them, and oogling at the great yarns and fibers they had. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything there, but I'm glad I know about this place because I could always go back in the future to purchase something.

After the alpaca farm, my friend took me to an undiscovered yarn shop further up the road. I'm not sure they have a website but I know I would not have recognized this place if she had not taken me there. The selection was impressive. Lots of hand dyed yarns like Noro and Green Mountain Spinnery. Their sock yarn, unfortunately, was not the prettiest stuff. Still it's great to know that I have a yarn store this close to my house (like 20 minutes close to my house). This is what I got:

Some Fortissima sock yarn.

And some roving. In which my friend later taught me to spin into yarn.

I also bought some orange roving which I spun first. I figure if I buy two colors that contrast well, I could ply the two singles and make a barber pole effect. I've been interested in spinning for a while now and one of my New Year's resolutions was to learn how to spin. As you can tell the yarn is terrible, but I really enjoy this new avenue I'm going on right now.

Oh yeah, I also did some Kool-Aid dyeing.

Being this was my first time dyeing yarn, I must say that this Kool-Aid thing can become addicting. IT'S SO EASY!!! I say if you're interested in dyeing yarn, Kool-Aid is a great starter. Plus if you have kids, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals (but I think Kool-Aid is unhealthy to drink so that last statement may be disputable). Anyway, so the yarn used is something new, sold only at Carolina Homespun called Nature's Palette Silk and Wool Lace-Weight by Hand Jive Knits. I wasn't able to get it in the color I wanted but they did have the cream so I bought two skeins and dyed up one of them. What do you think?

Let me know what you guys are doing. Adios tejedores! Bye knitters!


Valerie said...

Cool! I'm glad you used restraint (unlike ME.. sigh) with the Kool-Aid dye, it looks great.

del said...

That Kool Aid yarn looks like something you bought. The color is really pretty!

noblinknits said...

Muy bien, gracias. ?Y que tal? Hahaha, does that make sense? I love the idea of the orange and blue together as a barber pole! I've been hanging out chez fyberspates and put together a few ikea boxes and some mini hanks of yarn today. xxxxxxxxx