Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing Much

I know I've been absent these past couple weeks but I find it rather amazing that despite that, I seem to get over 400+ visits every week! (What? Don't act like you don't have a hit counter on your blog.)

Anyway, I have been knitting but I'm too lazy to take any pictures of them right now. Since Sunday afternoon I've been nursing my boyfriend to back to health. He caught the flu from someone at work and he's been spuring out all kinds of evil from every orifice of his body. Poor thing! But this is what a woman does for her man.

It's finally getting warm in Indiana. Last Friday it actually hit 80 degrees F (26 C) and let me tell you the freaks sure come out once the sun decides to bath us in her glory. Pum pum shorts, sandals, tank tops, and dish rags for skirts have all made their 2008 debuts. And though it's hotter now, it's still not warm enough for me. When I say I like hot, I mean I like HOT (90 degrees F, clear sunny skies and humid). I know I'm strange, but I attribute it to my heritage. Guyana is pretty much the rain forest you know.

And while I'm hear, I might as well ask you all a question. I'm planning on going to Stitches Midwest this August and I thought it would be a good idea to walk with cash (because if I use a credit/debit card I will over spend). Now I know that if I ask you guys "How much should I bring?" all I'll get are a bunch of "Well it depends" responses. What I'm interested in is this: If you are going to a fiber fest this year, how much do you plan on spending? What are you planning on getting? Do you like taking credit/debit cards or cash? Let me know!


noblinknits said...

Oh, I'm terrible at this kind of thing. On Monday, I went into town and I was worried I would spend too much so hubby said, why don't you set yourself a maximum so I said £3k!! I ended spending about £60 I think, on toiletries, chocolate, sushi and the cinema. Last time I went to a knitting show I think I didn't buy much at all but perhaps next time I would take about £100 to include cake aswell. So, does that mean $100 for you or $200? xxxxxxxx

del said...

I'm not going to a fiber fest, but if I did, I'd definitely carry cash & probably no more than $150, though I think $100 would be better. Mainly because I have a LOT of yarn & really don't need anymore, plus I'm trying to get past the point of mindless consumption for myself (though if others take part in it, it doesn't bother me--so long as you can pay your bills, buy enough yarn to fill the house, I say).

Virtuous said...

I must echo Del!! And I am trying to move towards reducing my mindless consumption too! For me it has gotten out of control!

Have fun at Stitches! I have never been!